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  1. Dear All, Using OSC v2.2 and PayPal Website Payments Standard. I live in Singapore and to accommodate the local address format i have added 2 extra customer address field. They are for the house / block number and unit number. Is it possible to get PayPal to return these 2 fields? PayPal also ignore the suburb filed. Is it possible to pass this field to PayPal so that it is return to the order invoice? At the moment, only the "STREET_ADDRESS" field is capture by PayPal and return to the OSCommerce which was record in the successful order invoice. Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. ZeroHero

    Products Extra Fields

    I have successful installed the contribution but the "Product Listing" does not display the Product Name instead it display only the product extra field. Is this a norm or do i have to enable the product name display?
  3. ZeroHero

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    Thanks Sam, it work! B) But after mod the"kampanya.php" as per your contribution, the product price shown was before tax. Have i done some wrong or it it suppose to be without tax?