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  1. I'm curious if mrwizard ever found a solution for the 2checkout module for it's error. I have a CRE Loaded site that just did the same thing but it turned out to be my first over $1000 sale and 2checkout couldn't handle the comma in the total number.

  2. I think this has to do something with the last update of parameters on the 24th, but what should we do? Am I the only one experiencing this?


    Sadly, you are not. I am having the same problem.


    Using a file comparison program I see a lot of change from what I had been using to this latest version 1.1 of Ponce de Leon's.


    I may just return to the last version, tinyicebear's April 2005 version. It included a pm2checkout_process.php page to tell 2CO to return to and I'm thinking this latest version should just return to checkout_success.php maybe?

  3. That was way back in April and I'm old so I am not positive how I actually fixed this. But yes it is working for me now.


    I believe what I did was use CRE Loaded which has a lot of the things I wanted already installed. Then I opened the new contrib for review moderation by itself with the correct directory structure and used a text file comparer, and changed the lines in the files from CRE (and added new ones) and it worked!


    At the time I used nikeware.com 's beta program, I see they have it for sale now but there are other free programs that do the same thing.


    If you need more help say so, I could send you the edited files or post them here.



  4. I really need to handle reviews carefully on my site and I like the AdminReviews contrib available here in ver 1.0


    I thought I had it working on my site after installing BTS themes and Wishlist but the product_reviews_info.php just isn't working. The rest of it seems fine, admin features, editing, creating, and the catalog reviews box and listing display are working, but when looking at a single review it's messed up and doesn't display the review, the image or the right column.


    I've gleened that it's a mix of changes to the file in catalog and the one in catalog/templates/content but obviously I've messed it up.


    I've worked on this for several hours each of the last three days and must have blinded myself. :(


    Any useful thoughts out there?


    An error showing is:

    1054 - Unknown column 'I' in 'where clause'
    select products_id as wPID from customers_wishlist where products_id= I and customers_id = 0 order by products_name
    [TEP STOP]


    Have I written the page wrong or is this a database error?


    A medium newbie to this stuff..

  5. Aha!


    I had a later version and it was missing the .sql file, I grabbed your version, use the file in it and it works!


    It sounds like you didn't get the catalog/information.php file uploaded.


    If you are anything like me it's the simple stuff that'll kill you. :)


    I had to edit all the files on my site it wanted to replace. I have a lot of installed contribs and they would all break if I just uploaded what is in this contrib. It appears made for OSC-MS1. By using a file compare utility you can see the differences and only add the lines related to this contrib.


    It works great! Just what I was looking for. :)

  6. I have a shop that sells reference books and they are listed singly. What I am looking for is a way for a customer to say they would like book 1 and 4 and receive a two book price. Or if they want books 1,2,4 and 5 to get a four book price.


    Is there a way to do this? I have looked at attributes but I must be dense, can't see how it would help with multiple items in the catalog.