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  1. Hi! Due to a new partnership the proceeds of a series of shops need to be divvied up into two PayPal accounts. So far we have successfully installed PayPal IPN for account1@mydomain.de. Now all $US proceeds from non-European customers are supposed to go into account2@mypartnersdomain.com while all other payments are supposed to go into the original account1@mydomain.de. In a hitch just separating USD from EUR payments would do. I started looking into the payment class, checkout_payment.php and the paypal_ipn module, but I am very hesitant to do changes there. Does anybody have a hint or two for me how to best tackle this endeavor?
  2. Arven


    As their isn't a way to edit your own post (?), I'll answer myself (sometimes formulating the problem helps solving it, apparently). In the affiliate_show_banner.php a lot of if clauses were not framed by "isset" So adding a lot of those from line 90 to 110 like this (in red): did the trick for me.
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    I hate to draw this beaten horse back into the sunlight, but porting my shop from a php4.x server to a php5.x this also failed to work for me. Locally everything is ok, on the live server the graphics simply don't show in the Affiliate link. Even setting define('AFFILIATE_SHOW_BANNERS_DEBUG', 'true'); reveals that basically everything is ok except: Is that possible cause? Why aren't the pictures showing under PHP5 and how do I get them to? Thanks!
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    Manufacturer Sales Report

    I get the very same error, and there is no money_format() function to be found anywhere in osCommerce. Maybe it hails from another contribution? Has anybody solved this before? EDIT: OK. The Blog reveiled the solution: It's a native function only found in PHP 4.3 or higher, hence the error.
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    Hi guys! Thanks for the great contribution, Rhea! It made my job a lot easier. I am stuck with two problems, though, for which neither the User's Guide nor this forum yielded any results. Due to it's size I installed CCGV(trad) over a fresh osCommerce install, btw. Problem #1: In Germany we are required to show prices including the VAT. If I set my Gift Vouchers (which are sold without adding VAT, since there might be different VAT rates) to "Include Tax = true" and "Re-calculate Tax = none" it works fine. For Discount coupons, though, my settings (and those are the closest I can get to what I want) of "Include Tax ) true" and "Re-calculate Tax = None" lead to following example: Zwischensumme: 27.50EUR Gutscheine:FeenCon: -2.75EUR 7.0% EU VAT/MwSt. incl.: 1.80EUR Summe: 24.75EUR While the end result is correct, the given VAT is wrong: It should be 24.75 EUR * (0.7 / 1.07) = 1.62 EUR (when I change the settings, I can get the correct Tax, but then the total is wrong :( ). Has anybody solved this before? Problem #2: In the unlikely yet possible event that a customer has both a discount coupon (10% in this case) and a gift voucher, this rounding error can happen: Zwischensumme: 57.45EUR Gutscheine:XYZ: -5.75EUR Gutscheine: 51.71EUR 7.0% EU VAT/MwSt. incl.: 3.76EUR Summe: 0.01EUR It should be: Zwischensumme: 57.45EUR Gutscheine:XYZ: -5.75EUR Gutscheine: 51.70EUR 7.0% ...: 3.38EUR (That's problem #1 again) Summe: 0.00EUR Any idea how I can fix this rounding error? Thanks for your patience!