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  1. jimbeeer

    Adding a Text box in product attributes

    Notepad++ I've also looked at it in Google Chrome and it's exactly the same.
  2. jimbeeer

    Adding a Text box in product attributes

    I'll have a look at that, I'll have to do a text compare for each of the files. I don't know what's happened to the installation instructions but they're completely screwed up. they have things like \cf5 and backslashes everywhere. Makes it impossible to read.
  3. jimbeeer

    Adding a Text box in product attributes

    That would be awesome, if I was using 2.3.1. Sorry, I should have said. I'm using 2.2 RC2a
  4. I'm looking to add a text box within the product attributes for certain products only. Basically my client sells sports apparel and they want the option for the customer to enter their 2 letter initials to get embroidered onto certain items and charge £3.00 for it. So I can envisage the following: - Drop down attribute with sizes and extra costs. - Text box for initials, if it's filled out, add £3.00 onto the cost. I've looked at the contributions but there doesn't seem to be anything that does this simply. Does anyone know how to do this please? Thanks in advance -James
  5. I've installed Purchase Without Account. Works fine. But if a customer leaves before completing their order, then comes back at a later date it hasn't deleted them as a customer and wants them to enter a different email address. Is there any way of deleting the customer if they don't make a purchase so they don't have to enter a different email address? One person on here said it was pretty easy, but didn't say exactly what to do... Thanks in advance -James
  6. In the checkout.php look for lines with the following in: position: ['middle', 175] One of them is on line 232. It's the 'middle' you want to change to an absolute value. e.g. position: [400, 200] Then it will stay fixed.
  7. Apologies for the last email, I've fixed it, it was all to do with aligning the main box left. My new problem is, if the one page checkout is turned on, I get the following error from SagePay (The payment processing gateway I'm using) This transaction attempt has failed. We are unable to redirect you back to the web store from which you were purchasing. The details of the failure are given below. Status: MALFORMED Status Detail: 3039 : The TxType or PaymentType is missing. Anyone know how to fix this. It all works perfectly if this contribution is turned off in the admin.
  8. I'm having some stylesheet problems that hopefully someone can help with. Please have a look at http://www.northcroftgolf.com, just go to purchase anything The first part of the checkout.php is fine where you decide on member checkout / guest checkout. It's the next part that's throwing everything down and I can't for the life of me work out why. Please please please if anyone knows why it's doing this then let me know, I'm spending far too much time on this already. Thanks in advance -James
  9. I'm having exactly the same problem. Turn on SagePay Server and all it shows is: The main issue is the page isn't calling the files within ext/modules/payment/sage_pay, and these are the files that build the iframe. I know this because I've renamed this folder as a test and it throws up no errors. Can anyone help before I spend weeks going back and forth with SagePay themselves... I've tried the pre-installed v1.0 and I've also download v1.1 from SagePay themselves. Same thing.
  10. My client is using the ePDQ module from Barclays. When the client goes through a successful transaction it's not clearing the shopping cart so on a repeat transaction it's bringing up the contents of their previous shopping cart. Below are the details i've entered into the ePDQ module: Allow EPDQ True EPDQ Display Name My Site EPDQ Display Logo http://www.mysite.com/logo.gif EPDQ Display Background Colour EPDQ Display Text Colour Store ID 'Store ID' EPDQ Currency GBP Merchant Pass Phrase 'passphrase' EPDQ ReturnURL http://www.mywebsite.com/shop/checkout_process.php EPDQ Supported Cards 125 EPDQ Pay Pending Pending EPDQ Pay Success default EPDQ Pay Failed default EPDQ Charge Type Auth Sort Order of display 0
  11. Apologies if there's already a very easy way to do this but i'm really after something that will set 3 separate delivery prices: 1. If the user is in the UK, delivery is free 2. If the user is in Europe, delivery is £5.00 3. If the user is outside Europe, delivery is £10.00 I understand that the cart may not necessarily know what is in Europe and what is outside and that i might need to set each country to have specific delivery costs but i don't mind doing this if i knew how to do it properly. Could someone please guide me in the right direction as any help would be much appreciated. - James
  12. I am so damn stupid i'm ashamed to call myself a web developer. When i was skinning the front pages i put the wrong php code about the <html> tag so it was redirecting because it wasn't fulfilling criteria that it wasn't supposed to fulfill. Thanks for your help though, it was greatly appreciated that you took the effort in the first place.
  13. Thanks for the help. I was desperately hoping that would be it but it isn't. Didn't fix it :(
  14. I'm using the Protx Direct contribution 4.4 and, although i'm getting a successful purchase with it logging in the database and sending me the confirmation email, it seems to be redirecting to shopping_cart.php telling me i have no items in my cart rather than checkout_success.php. This is about the 5th shopping cart site i've worked on but the first one to ever redirect to the wrong page! Can someone give me a point in the right direction about where the redirect is contained and why it might be going to the cart page. Would the redirect be coming from Protx or would it be coming from the osCommerce pages? Any help is greatly appreciated as i've got to get the entire site working within the next 2 days. -James
  15. jimbeeer

    Free shipping by categories

    This is a very useful contrib. I'm using this as i want the users to be able to order samples and not to charge them delivery. It only gives them the option of free shipping if everything in their basket is within a specific category. But it then goes to the payment page and still asks them for their credit card details. Is there any quick way of doing the same thing on the payment page, where if they've only ordered from the specific category, that they could choose the appropriate option so they won't have to type in their cc number, then this gets omitted when they order something from a different category; basically working exactly the same as the delivery method. I think this is the only thing that's missing from an otherwise excellent contrib.