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  1. Does this add-on work with 2.3.4? Thanks, Dan
  2. -RanZ-

    Linkpoint API Problems

    I would like to make the linkpoint API do just the last 4 digits but unfortunately my knowledge of PHP is still somewhat limited. If anyone has modified their own linkpoint API to only write the last 4 digits or none at all I would appreciate any guidance. Currently I have written a PHP script to drop and re-create the columns and it seems to work. I just put a link to this script in the orders.php which can be manually executed when the admin goes in to edit the order. Is this a bad idea for a temporary solution until I can modify the linkpoint as advised by iofast? thanks
  3. -RanZ-

    Linkpoint API Problems

    If I create a script to drop the cc_number column and re-create it in the database is that secure? If the table column is dropped and re-created is that data gone for good?
  4. -RanZ-

    Linkpoint API Problems

    1 other thing, when I do test orders I can go into the orders section of the admin panel, when I click to edit an order it shows the credit card number in there... I do not want that! Is this only happening because it is the test number or will credit card numbers not show up when they are real cards? thanks
  5. -RanZ-

    Linkpoint API Problems

    It looks like the above problem is because my description contains a " ' " character... is there any way around this? All of my products have " or ' in their description :(
  6. -RanZ-

    Linkpoint API Problems

    I have port 1129 open and also did the fix of removing the comment character from lines: curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST, 0); curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, 0); now I'm getting the following error: at curl_process, incoming data: host = secure.linkpt.net port = 1129 keyfile = /home/ssort/public_html/catalog/includes/modules/payment/linkpoint_api/*removed*.pem configfile = *removed* ordertype = SALE result = GOOD transactionorigin = ECI ponumber = 1002 taxexempt = Y terminaltype = UNSPECIFIED ip = *removed* chargetotal = 6.00 cardnumber = 4111111111111111 cardexpmonth = 01 cardexpyear = 11 cvmindicator = not_provided cvmvalue = userid = 12 name = asdfdsaf sadfsdaf company = address1 = 324 kljfd address2 = city = kljlkj state = MN country = US phone = 1231231231 email = sdfsdaf@sdfsd.com addrnum = 324 kljfd zip = 56164 sname = asdfdsaf sadfsdaf saddress1 = 324 kljfd saddress2 = scity = kljlkj sstate = MN szip = 56164 scountry = US Warning: htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/ssort/public_html/catalog/includes/modules/payment/linkpoint_api/lphp.php on line 172 items = debugging = true sending xml string: <order><orderoptions><ordertype>SALE</ordertype><result>GOOD</result></orderoptions><creditcard><cardnumber>4111111111111111</cardnumber><cardexpmonth>01</cardexpmonth><cardexpyear>11</cardexpyear><cvmvalue></cvmvalue><cvmindicator>not_provided</cvmindicator></creditcard><billing><name>asdfdsaf sadfsdaf</name><address1>324 kljfd</address1><city>kljlkj</city><state>MN</state><zip>56164</zip><country>US</country><userid>12</userid><email>sdfsdaf@sdfsd.com</email><phone>1231231231</phone><addrnum>324 kljfd</addrnum></billing><shipping><name>asdfdsaf sadfsdaf</name><address1>324 kljfd</address1><city>kljlkj</city><state>MN</state><zip>56164</zip><country>US</country></shipping><transactiondetails><ponumber>1002</ponumber><taxexempt>Y</taxexempt><terminaltype>UNSPECIFIED</terminaltype><ip>*******</ip><transactionorigin>ECI</transactionorigin></transactiondetails><merchantinfo><configfile>********</configfile><keyfile>/home/ssort/public_html/catalog/includes/modules/payment/linkpoint_api/******.pem</keyfile><host>secure.linkpt.net</host><port>1129</port></merchantinfo><payment><chargetotal>6.00</chargetotal></payment> <items> <item> <id>41{3}8{1}4</id> <description>½ X 36 Super-Sort Stick (regular grip)</description> <quantity>1</quantity> <price>6.00</price> </item> </items> </order> server responds: <r_csp></r_csp><r_time></r_time><r_ref></r_ref><r_error>SGS-020003: Invalid XML</r_error><r_ordernum></r_ordernum><r_message></r_message><r_code></r_code><r_tdate></r_tdate><r_score></r_score><r_authresponse></r_authresponse><r_approved></r_approved><r_avs></r_avs>
  7. -RanZ-

    Quantity Price Breaks

    any chance this will be updated for RC 2a?
  8. -RanZ-

    CC Visible in orders?

    In the pending orders section of the admin panel when you click the customer's order and edit will the customer's CC be visible there? I have tested this with the test CC and the test credit card IS visible but I need to make sure real cards will be as the way we will be charging is with our existing accounting software. Thanks!