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  1. jazzylily

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    I am having the same problems as seanlee. I can get both sts and dynamenu to work together until i try to use a template for info boxes. Has anyone found the problem with this?
  2. jazzylily

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    I am trying to install STSv4.4 with the dynamenu contribution. Has anyone got these to work together? I have it installed ok but when I roll over the menu I get an object expected error. Any help would be great.
  3. Hi Jack Sorry, not very good at explaining the problem. I thought it was the admin side but now I am not so sure. Can you have a look at the site please then you can see the problem better. It just shows the default headers on each category but it does show them correctly when I look at a manufacturer. Thanks Sarah http://www.lacookshop.co.uk/store/
  4. I have done the alterations to the categories.php file again. I have added a new product and then when editing it the header tags are filled in still. But still no header tags are displayed. :(
  5. I am trying to set it to fill all the tags automatically but it isnt working. There doesnt seem to be any errors and I have checked all of my install but cant seem to find where I have gone wrong. I have the featured sets contributution installed so I have had to botch the code together myself in some files(i am no a php programmer!) Can you give me any idea which file might be the problem. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  6. can someone help me with a header tags install please. It is installed in seems to be working correctly except for one thing. When I try to change the fill tags options it does not save it. Does anyone know which file I need to check to try and fix this? Thanks
  7. I have yes. Selecting to charge tax and unselecting seems to have no effect.
  8. Can anyone help me please. The tax is not being added to my shipping costs. I have installed the MVMT shipping module. It is not adding tax for any of the shipping modules so I dont think the problem is with this. I am thinking it could be something in the database that is set wrong but I have no idea where to start looking Thanks in advance for any help. jazzylily :)