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  1. Hi all,

    This question is a bit out of scope of normal use of PayPal app. 

    I need a way to tell PayPal where to return after payment is completed or if user cancels payment.

    Does anyone know where in the code this address is specified? I will be able to go from there.



  2. Hi all,


    I want to have "tags" assigned to products. Tags are NOT attributes and will not be normally shown to customer, but will help me to group products and create custom filters.

    I am pretty sure I saw an add-on that allows adding tags to products, but can not find it. Can someone help?



  3. Hi all,

    Does anyone accept Bitcoins?

    I would like to start accepting Bitcoins, but keep them in my own wallet instead of signing up with merchant solutions that will pay me in "normal" currency.

    I looked through add-ons and found couple of solutions, but:

    1. They all seem to be old (2+ years old)

    2. Current setup of osCommerce does not support Bitcoin (BITC) as a currency. Yes, I can add it manually, but update engines in use do not support it yet.


    Any pointers?



  4. Hi all,

    Is there an add-on that provides product feed for Amazon?

    I have lots of products available and Amazon is now starting in Australia. Instead of manually adding products, I would like to use Amazon AWS to integrate my store inventory with Amazon.

    Any pointers?



  5. OK, I did first version of payment module for Afterpay.


    I just created an add-on: https://apps.oscommerce.com/Apps&VF1bj&afterpay-payment-module-au-nz-only

    Some code cleanup is required as well as some error handling and some more functionality I would like to add, but generally seem to work OK.

    DO TEST WITH SANDBOX! LIVE TESTING IS EXPENSIVE! You will have to request sandbox credentials from Afterpay.

    If someone can test different browsers including mobile devices, this will be of great help.


  6. I don't know why the Modular Navbar addon wouldn't be compatible with the current Edge. It probably needs the Compatibility Addon, but most Addons will need that anyway.




    Thanks Jim for letting me know about the compatibility addon. I was manually adding definitions as required by plugins I was porting. With this add-on, I made my shop cleaner and more "main stream". Why those definitions were removed in EDGE is beyond me, but this is a separate discussion.


    With all definitions in place, categories plugin works fine now.





  7. Thanks Jim,


    That explains why it does not work.


    Unfortunately, Modular Navbar add-on is not compatible with 2.3.4BS EDGE. I guess, I can get it to work, but was wondering if there is an add-on to show categories in menu that works on EDGE?

    I really want to add categories to hamburger button to easily show them on mobile devices.

    Right at the moment, there is no easy way  to get mobile devices to display categories in user-friendly easy-to-find manner.



  8. Hi,


    Can someone give me a hand?

    Trying to install "Categories Module for Modular Navigation Bar". Copied all the files, installed the module, but they do not appear on the navbar. Apache log does not show any errors.


    I am using 2.3.4BS edition.


    Couple of things that bother me:

    1. docs say "This software requires the Modular Navigation Bar Addon. Install that before
    installing this software". I believe BS edition already has this. Am I right or I should be installing this add-on


    2. Files are installed under "/modules/content", but there is also "/modules/navbar_modules". Should this functionality really be under navbar_modules?




  9. Hi all,


    Can someone point me to a document that describes differences between different PayPal modules?

    Currently,  BS edition comes bundled with:


    PayPal Express Checkout

    PayPal Payments Pro (Direct Payment)

    PayPal Payments Pro (Hosted Solution)

    PayPal Payments Pro (Payflow Edition)

    PayPal Express Checkout (Payflow Edition)

    PayPal Payments Standard


    How do I choose?






  10. Hi all,


    I read the forums and looks like this is a well-know (for a while) issue. osCommerce does not process second street address line from PayPal. As a result, some orders have incomplete addresses.


    i saw some "unofficial" fixes, but could not apply them as they did not correlate with the code I have.

    osCommerce 2.3.4

    PayPal express v 1.2

    API version 60.0


    Is there any fix?




  11. Hi all,


    Before I go into development of one, I wanted to ask if one exist.


    I want an add-on that will allow:

    -- pricing selection via slider (like in woocommerce).

    -- selection by attribute (like color for example). Or, perhaps, selection by an arbitrary tag.


    Currently I have lots of products and it makes it very difficult for customers to find what they need. Currently I just use lots of categories. This approach has issues:

    -- too deeply nested categories are not good for both bots and customers

    -- customers don't read -- they like visual representation

    -- adding a new product involves copying it to multiple categories



    I imagine an add-on that will allow me to have few top-level categories that clearly separate products by type (Mens clothing, Ladies clothing for example). Then, may be a second level that separate by subtype (dress, skirt for example). Then have all of the products shown simultaneously. Customer will adjust the slides for minimum and maximum price and this will narrow down the list of results. Then customers will click on brand selector and this will filter it more down. Then they would click on "black" selector and this will filter it down more. Filter will stay in place until reset by customer.





  12. I just found an incompatibility. If you use "Purchase without Account" add-on, not all transactions will be passed to Google Analytics.


    This is the problem with "Purchase without Account". It de-registers session at the start of "checkout_success" page, well before my code runs.

    In order to fix it, edit checkout_success.php Close to the top, you will find code that deletes customer details and de-registers session variables. (part of "Purchase without Account" installation).  Cut all of that code and places it at the bottom of the file after inclusion of "template_bottom.php" and before inclusion of "application_bottom.php"


    This will fix the issue.


    Took me a while to figure out while some orders were not recorded in GA!



  13. GTM replaces many other code snippets that every website grows over the years. This includes AdWords conversion trackig, Google Analytics and others. Instead of changing the code, one can just add a tag via GTM and it all works. Makes website clean. There are alos many other things, like custome events, etc.. that can be set up in GTM.


    An example -- I want to set up Google Analytics. In case of osCommerse, I will have to go and install corresponding header tag. In case of other website, it will be a matter of installing a plugin or manually changing the code.

    If GTM is installed, you simply add the corresponding tag via Tag Manager Interface at Google and all is working. Basically, lots of development is replaced by a single interface that can be sed by non-developers.


    I suggest you read up and watch video of what GTM can do for you. I am no expert (not yet), but I do like what I learned about it.



  14. I am planning to develop Google Analytics Enchanced eCommerce code that uses GTM Data Layer.

    Few month ago, I did the GA module that uses "ga" to push the information to Google Analytics, but i find that GTM is a better way to manage all of it.



  15. Google recommends putting GTM code right after opening <body> tag. This is why I did not use header tags module -- I wanted to make sure it gets into exactly right place.

    Yes, I know, it will work in other places as well, but this may break some tags in the future. Better stick with recomendation.


    Also, there may be other modules/code that use GTM datalayer. One has to make sure, datalayer is initialised first.