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  1. I thought this happens "automagically". I am selling hats and, of course, they come in different colours and sizes. When customer adds a hat to shopping cart, they are selecting required attributes and hat is added. If they want exactly same hat, they will change the quantity. If they want one that has different attribute, they have to add it to cart again. Try it (www.hatsfromoz.com.au). What is your site address? Rudolf
  2. rudolfl

    Infoboxes on move?

    Hi, all Here is what I want to do: Infoboxes in right and left columns are stationery. If your page has a lot of information (for example large list of products), as people scroll down the page info boxes are dissapering from view. Is there a way for infoboxes to move as page is scrolled? If such a contribution does not exist, how would one implement such a feature? Any pointers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rudolf