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  1. I will add few things as well (in no particular order) - Better Product filtering (I added facet search to add-ons, but more functionality is needed). I am actually thinking that products should not be placed into categories. Instead, each "category" must be a filter that just pulls out products that are needed to be displayed. - All SEO features are built-in. - Ability to have one back-end (admin) and multiple front-ends. Examples for such a use can be -- "retail and wholesale", "Separate stores for mens or ladies products with single ordering/stock control system", etc... - Gift cards that work better than current over-complicated plugin - Migration tool. This is a very important feature if we want to get customers aboard. Ability to migrate from osCommerce and other platforms. - Core/pluging upgrade without code changes. WordPress is a good example of this. Any localised changes (if required) are put into separate user files. Unchanged core files can then be easily upgraded to a new versions - Simplified checkout - Better reporting (perhaps integrate with Google Analytics) - Core should be completely separated from output. This will allow for proper templating and ease of adding new themes - Addition of automation for orders and shipping (I wrote a Frankenstein of a system, but this allows me to automatically print orders and postal labels as new orders arrive and allow me to "complete" the orders by scanning barcodes). Those sort of things should be integrated as much as possible - Security! - Ability to use different databases, depending on server configuration - Ability to duplicate products. - Speed! - Marketing tools integrated (recover of cart, discount offers, etc....) - Ideally, one will want a graphical UI to a page design, similar to WordPress. Rudolf
  2. Shopping cart cleanup

    Hi all, Is there an add-on to clean up abandoned carts? I do not mind keeping the cart itself, but I want to be able to remove out-of-stock products from them. So, need something to run manually or on timer to do the task. I can write one myself, but do not want to re-invent the wheel. Rudolf
  3. Thank you for suggestion. I will have to think how the best to implement it. It is not straightforward, but should be do-able. Rudolf
  4. Hi, I would strongly suggest adding GTM (Google Tag Manager) instead. Then you will be able to add your analytics, FB pixel, AdWords conversion and pretty much anything else WITHOUT modifying your code, by doing it from GTM console instead. https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1021909254506499 Rudolf
  5. Hi all, Intermittently, I get same order processed twice seconds apart. So far I saw it happening using Afterpay payment (that I wrote :-)) and eWay payment methods. Not sure if this is relevant, though. Does anyone else experience same issue? As problem is intermittent, it is very difficult to catch. I tried to do multiple clicks on "confirm" button without success. May be I am not fast enough. Anyway, if anyone knows a solution, please share it. Thank you, Rudolf
  6. @modelshopleeds Thank you Andy, I just re-uploaded the full package including missing file. Also couple of minor fixes included Rudolf
  7. v0.2 is now released in osCommerce add-on section. I added support for mobile version, as well as various improvements and bug fixes. This thread is now a support thread for the add-on. https://apps.oscommerce.com/Apps&qink1&faceted-multi-filtered-product-search Please let me know any issues you may find. Project is quite complex, so I am sure it is not bug-free. I currently run this module live on my site: www.hatsfromoz.com.au Rudolf
  8. @raiwa I just went through pretty much same scenario. I though about doing what you do, but this is not right. I would suggest not to add "store" to the template list (set var $template_integration = false; in constructor if your module in admin section). Now, it will NOT be a part of your TEMPLATE_BLOCK_GROUPS and will NOT be loaded, so you have to do it manually. (do go into database and edit TEMPLATE_BLOCK_GROUPS to remove "store" from there) Take a look at how includes/modules/boxes/bm_products_social_bookmarks.php is implemented (execute() function) -- you can pretty much copy the code. This way you will add all your "store" modules when you need them without playing with existing database entries. Rudolf
  9. I changed my modules not to be part of template and wrote a small function that loads my modules. Made it part of my box. Turned out simpler than I initially thought, so all is good. Rudolf
  10. @BrockleyJohn I though of it, but having everything in same module makes things messy. System I implemented is a multi-search facility where each search "dimension" is in its own separate configurable module. This makes it really easy to install/remove/configure modules. But they are being displayed in one container "Refine Search" Box, which builds its dynamic content at run time. I guess, one option is to remove my search modules from template and have my own processing outside of osc_template. This way core code will stay unchanged. I really like how it all fitted nicely with existing design, except for order of processing. Oh, well. Back to programming. Rudolf
  11. Hi all, I am writing a system where, unfortunately, one module depends on another one being already present. My issue concerns order in which modules are being processed in buildBlocks() function of osc_template class. From what I see, class just reads configuration table, gets TEMPLATE_BLOCK_GROUPS value and expands it. TEMPLATE_BLOCK_GROUPS contains list of module groups built in alphabetical order. Currently, it contains something like "boxes;header_tags;mygroup". This means boxes modules will be processed first. I want mygroup ones to be processed. At the moment my box module has something like $output .= $oscTemplate->getContent('mygroup') as my box shows dynamic content from "mygroup". So, code breaks at this point. I see few options and I don't like any of them: 1. Change order of modules in configuration table 2. Rename "mygroup" into something that will get it in front. 3. Complicate the code by making "mygroup" a standalone group and add additional processing just for this group. Messy. 4. I can not find a way to rewrite my code to avoid dependency. I tried few different ways. Can someone think of a nicer way of getting around my problem? Thanks, Rudolf
  12. Hi all, I want to have "tags" assigned to products. Tags are NOT attributes and will not be normally shown to customer, but will help me to group products and create custom filters. I am pretty sure I saw an add-on that allows adding tags to products, but can not find it. Can someone help? Thanks, Rudolf
  13. @burt. The way current system works -- all product listings are displayed as list view. Then, Grd/List view header tag module runs some JS, changing layout to grid view. The problem is -- this behavior is not compatible with ajax displaying of the product list. Grid/List JS runs only once, when page loads for the first time. So, I modified JS in the module by encapsulating all of the relevant JS code into a function and call this function when required. This way, original functionality is preserved and this function can be called externally by other modules if they have to reload product list without reloading the page. Hope it makes sense. Rudolf
  14. OK, here is a very first "raw" version with likely million of bugs, but this is a start. I think I fixed sorting and pagination issues along with slider problems reported earlier. I do not want to make an upload to add-on section until it is stable. Documentation is included. Installation should be very simple with core code changes kept to an absolute minimum. I really need help with testing and I will be adding more functionality in the meantime. If you implement any fixes yourself, please send me details, so I can integrate them. Before you ask why I am not using github... Well, I hate it. Just can not get used to use it. May be a bit later. Rudolf Facets Add-On.zip
  15. @burt I know what you are saying. I needed filtering specifically targeted to my shop. Was planned to be completely custom solution. I tried to use few existing plugins before starting to make my own. Eventually realised none were working in the way I wanted. By that time it was too late to start new. But, I did try to keep changes to existing code base to an absolute minimum. All functionality is in my own separate files. So, will be easy to apply to a "virgin" or modifed store. Slider... This will vary shop to shop. In some fields customers may use it. In my area, I do need slider as ladies are "visual". And I do need both ranges. As I do have a lot of products, this allows customers to narrow the search. Also, each "filter" is independent from others. They are easily customisable (by code changes at the moment) and new ones can be added relatively easily too. So, price range by checkboxes or dropboxes can be easily added. And thank you for the pointing me to HTML5 attributes. I will look at it too. Rudolf