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  1. Hi all, Does anyone accept Bitcoins? I would like to start accepting Bitcoins, but keep them in my own wallet instead of signing up with merchant solutions that will pay me in "normal" currency. I looked through add-ons and found couple of solutions, but: 1. They all seem to be old (2+ years old) 2. Current setup of osCommerce does not support Bitcoin (BITC) as a currency. Yes, I can add it manually, but update engines in use do not support it yet. Any pointers? Thanks, Rudolf
  2. Hi all, Is there an add-on that provides product feed for Amazon? I have lots of products available and Amazon is now starting in Australia. Instead of manually adding products, I would like to use Amazon AWS to integrate my store inventory with Amazon. Any pointers? Thanks, Rudolf
  3. Hi Burt, I did not mean any disrespect. I am happy to pay and buy a theme. I looked at the ones you already have and I feel I need something more. As an engineer, I can make things work. I can not get them to look pretty, though :-) In fact, I bought the one I mentioned already for another site that runs stock standard osCommerce. I think, my only option is to gut it and use the bits and pieces in BS version. Rudolf
  4. With all due respect, I am looking for something more sophisticated.
  5. @14steve14 Thank you for replying. The links I am talking about are not visible buttons. They are in <head> and used by Google to navigate pages. Rudolf
  6. Hi all, Default way of displaying products on site is by showing number of products, then show links to pages. But I also found Google is recommending using <link rel="prev"> and <link rel="next> on product pages to help indexing. Is it really required or Google is quite happy with just links to different pages as in osCommerce implementation? Thanks, Rudolf
  7. Hi all, I have few websites with lots of products. (ladies fashion) They are categorised, but each category still have tons of products. So, what do I display first? Usually, shops have sorting by popularity or price. Popularity will not work for me, as many products get added at same time and may not have "popularity" component to them. I show products by price low to high and I find customers tend to buy cheap stuff. Looking at analytics, it seems they rarely go beyond first page. I am afraid I am loosing cashed-up customers. Yesterday I changed one of sites to show more expensive products first, while left the other site to show cheap ones first. I also currently work of an Ajax product loading where more products are shown as customer scrolls to the end of the page (or presses "More Products" button). Will see if this makes a difference. Anyway, what your thoughts on what default sorting may work better? Rudolf
  8. Google Analytics provides a LOT of information. Things like "who is" should not change over time, so not sure why you want to monitor it. There are tools that monitor servers uptime, tthough Rudolf
  9. Our busy period started and will continue till end of Nov. I will have very limited time available, but will try to get your add-on working. Rudolf
  10. Here is some info on SEO aspect: Rudolf
  11. Hi all, Is there a plugin for BS that allows dynamic product loading as customer scrolls through the product page? This is to replace a pagination system currently in use. Thanks, Rudolf
  12. Hi all, I would like to have my checkout as follow: 1. No login page, show customer shipping details right away. 2. Allow customer to create a password to have an account or continue as guest 3. If customer has an account allow Ajax popup to log them in. I know I can use guest checkout plugin and do rest myself, but did not want to re-invent the wheel. The reason I post in BS forum is because I want it to work in BS out of the box, but happy to port it if required. Any pointers? Thanks, Rudolf
  13. Just uploaded latest and (hopefully) final version 0.3 Please let me know if you encounter any issues. Rudolf
  14. sorting order in payment methods has no effect on appearance of payment methods. It seems that relevant code is missing. In order to fix, edit /catalog/includes/classes/payment.php Find 'function selection()' and replace complete function with: function selection() { $selection_array = array(); $sort_order_array = array(); if (is_array($this->modules)) { reset($this->modules); while (list(, $value) = each($this->modules)) { $class = substr($value, 0, strrpos($value, '.')); if ($GLOBALS[$class]->enabled) { $selection = $GLOBALS[$class]->selection(); $sort_order_array[] = $GLOBALS[$class]->sort_order; if (is_array($selection)) $selection_array[$GLOBALS[$class]->sort_order] = $selection; } } } /* To sort payment methods, we append a key to selection_array and key is sorting order. Then we sort by key low to high and return just the values */ ksort($selection_array); return array_values($selection_array); }
  15. OK, I did first version of payment module for Afterpay. I just created an add-on: Some code cleanup is required as well as some error handling and some more functionality I would like to add, but generally seem to work OK. DO TEST WITH SANDBOX! LIVE TESTING IS EXPENSIVE! You will have to request sandbox credentials from Afterpay. If someone can test different browsers including mobile devices, this will be of great help. Rudolf