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  1. Hi, Im just gonne ask the question here, since i can't seem to find a contri i need. Im looking for the following: I have 10 manufacturers, from everyone is get a different discount (my price). Example: manufacturer A = 55% from retailprice. (Retailprice € 1000,-, my price -55% = € 450,-) So i will give my custumors 50% discount on all product of manufacturer A. When i add a new product, i would like to see this: Retailprice = € 1000,- Discount manufacturer 50% (only need to show the discount i give away) Final price € 500,- I only want to fill in the reatailprice then the shop should automatically calculate the discount/ new price (kinda like the VAT/TAX field) I allready installed EX_price_updater and Price_updater, but those contri's is not what im looking for. Hope someone here can offer me some help. Thanks in advance.