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  1. vmstudio

    Fatal Error in Credit Card Module - Urgent Held needed

    Did you figure out how to fix this? Thanks.
  2. vmstudio

    UPS Oversized Packages not being Charged

    also, it doesnt seem to know when to split it into another box? turning box demensions on takes shipping prices from 7.60 to $77.
  3. I have UPS XML installed however some packages are oversized and it's not realizing that when it gives the customers the shipping rates. I have the box add on that comes with UPS XML installed to. Nothing I do in that part seems to change the UPS prices. What does the box section even do? Thanks
  4. please....don't be a car lot...they do that and it's annoying as hell. ;)
  5. ha, i screwed up the subject. the box cost is NOT being added. I have the newest UPS XML installed and just got done checking againt he code however when I put a cost in for a box it's not adding that cost to the checkout. I enabled Dimensions Support in UPS XML settings. Something else i need to do? Where would it add the $10 for the box, to the shipping amount? Anyway to see what box the program is using for the order? Thanks.
  6. vmstudio

    UPS XML not even close calculations

    seriously, no one else has had this problem or knows what to check? :(
  7. Anyone else have problems with the program not pulling correct shipping amounts? it can be off by $3 on ground (or more) or even up to $22 on overnight overcharging on the same item no idea whats going on here.
  8. vmstudio

    USPS V2 shipping module adding excess weight

    mines putting an extra 100lbs on the weight :huh: can't figure it out.