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  1. Will setting Process Store's Graphics to true do anything for you? If I understand this correctly this processes all the graphics that are part of the shop - though I'ld have thought that it was processing the product info page graphics anyway. Might be worth asking on the Best PICS support thread aswell.


    baker - i had not known the post you spoke of had been so relatively recent - great to note it - i'll check it out first chance --


    Neither did I, which was why I first started at the begining! :rolleyes: Even viewing in outline mode the thread is 10 pages long!!!

  2. itinerant baker, perhaps you could give us late comers a bit more help - in post #886 above you mention:maybe you could stear us to the post number of the message you refer to


    What did I let myself in for with that! :rolleyes:


    After a long treck through the thread, trying from both ends, I think the one I was refering to was #812. Let me know if this works, I think it did for me - iirc it was the best explanation of replacing the tep_image () function. If it's working it might be worth incorporating it with the rest of the instructions as a (very large) find/replace section.

  3. I am getting a weird problem after installing this contribution. For some reason there is an extra column showing in the product listing. I have two "Buy Now" buttons showing, but when i remove the "Buy Now" feature, it shows two price listing columns so it looks like it's duplicating the last column.


    When I revert to a backup database it fixes the problem, but the sort doesn't work and when I take out this line of code..


    //sort order



    //end sort order


    ..and replace it with the original, it fixes the problem, but again the sort doesn't work. I am at a loss as to why this is happening.. :(


    Is anyone else having this problem? This contribution is exactly what I am looking for so i don't want to uninstall it.


    Here is a screenshot of the problem..





    I'm getting this aswell. Incidently the code above is in the catalog index.php file if that jogs anyones memory, though I'm not sure if that's where the problem is. Where abouts is the table in question laid out? Looks like I'll have to have this good contrib off untill this is sorted. :angry:


    When I installed it on a test install I noticed a line of code entered that was identical to the one that followed it, so iirc I commented out one of them and it seemed to work ok - but I can't remember where it was (may even have been another contrib!) I didn't do it on this install and I've had the above trouble.

  4. Cheers Stu. I did have a look at that one, and as far as I can make out from reading the blurb it creates a box in the left (or right) column that has featured items that you can choose. (Of course I could be wrong having not actualy tried installing it. :-" ) I'm after something that allows you to choose what goes in the main body of the front page (i.e the 9 most recent items that appear on it in the standard configuration.) Are you managing to choose what goes here on your site with that contrib?




    Nice looking site btw.

  5. Does the listing work for all of you? Since the date when the product was added is not included, my RSS in Apple Safari duplicates the feed every time I check it. It says, for example, "Today 16.05" at the right of the product name, but when viewing the feed later on it says "Today 17.00" together with the earlier "16.05" which results in duplicates of all products. Not sure how to explain this..


    Yes, I'm getting this aswell. Whenever my RSS reader wakes up it repeats everything as if it was a new item. No big deal for me as I mainly want it to provide data for an email generator, but would be nice to be able to use it as a published RSS feed.

  6. (Without wanting to tempt fate) it works fine for me. There's one bit in the instalation where you have to replace a large chunk of code, and it's not obvious which large chunk it is, but iirc someone talks through which one it is quite clearly earlier on in this thread. This is why good forums are great for this sort of thing - where would we be without the internet? :D

  7. I'm after a contribution that allows you to choose what is listed on the front page. I only want the important main products on the front page, and as it stands if I enter an insignificant item it'll go straight to the top of the chart - even worse if there are 9 of them, they push everything else off the front page. I've had a good look and have been able to find nothing, though that's not to say I haven't missed something. I thought the various sort order mods would do the trick but they don't seem to apply to the front page for some reason. Can anyone sugest something I can add to make it do this? It'll finaly complete my shop, and you'll have my eternal gratitude. :thumbsup:

  8. Great contribution, and I found it easy to install. Just a couple of things I'ld like to see added to it.



    It doesn't seem to affect what shows up on the front page, which is prety well the main reason I installed it. Is there any way around it or is it suposed to do this already?



    It would be good if you could also enter the sort order as you where adding/editing the product from the add/edit product pages aswell as from the catagory page, it would save a few page clicks if it could be done on one page.



    I'ld also like to see a way of reversing the order so I could use dates as part of the sort code.




    My main gripe is the lack of front page integration, so if anyone knows how to solve this it would be much apreciated.

  9. Where are the installation instructions?


    the link provided is broken.




    They where down the other day when I needed to install it on a new build ( :o ) but they seem to be up again today (now I've done it. :rolleyes: ) It would be helpful if someone in the know did a text file version and put them on the contribution page in case the web page disapears for good.

  10. Great contrib, and v1.6 seemed to install ok on a fresh test install.


    I'ld also like to make it so it applies to the front page aswell, in the same way as Helohelo wanted (above). Is there any reason the code added to the catagory pages can't be added to the front page code? If this is possible then what code and where?

  11. it is most likely something to do with sessions


    Cheers. Strangely enough, I've just installed a test version besides the one I'm developing (same server, in the same root directory etc) and don't seem to be being kicked out! I can leave it on all evening without doing anything and go straight to the section I want. :huh: It's only got one other mod on it though and the proper one is quite modded up, which I expect is what's causing it.





    Incidently, does this mod make osC secure enough to not have to do things like passwording the admin directory etc? (Or is this the type of thing it's actualy doing under the surface?) How secure is it in terms of keeping people out, or is it merely an admin tool?

  12. Is anything happening with this - I'm (and I know a few others probably will be) interested in using this if the problems are solved. I noticed it's still there, and installed it, but I'm getting no items listed like has been mentioned.




    Alternatively, does anyone know of a good Point of Sale mod (I already know about this, but couldn't get it to do much either.)

  13. I have successfully installed admin access level accounts 2.0a (for the most part). I am having a problem with the system kicking me out suddenly. There seems to be no ryme or reason for this. It kicks me out at random times while doing random tasks in OScommerce, then I have to log in again and start over.


    I was about to post about something similar to this. I seem to be getting a similar thing though I hadn't assumed it to be random, I thought it might be some sort of timeout setting. If it is, is there any way of altering it?




    I'm also not entirely convinced that I'ld be able to retrieve passwords either - I set the mod up several times only to not be able to get back in in the way described earlier in the thread. Touch wood, it hasn't happend lately (though that's probably cursed it now!)



    Other than that it's a great mod, and one of the things that seemed to be badly missing from an out of the box instalation of osC.

  14. Just installed PHP Mailing List, which needed Email List Lite aswell. It all works correctly, but I'ld like to alter the text that it displays until you enter your email adress in the box to join. Anyone know where this text is stored - is it part of PHPML or ELL?



    (There's also a spelling mistake in the text which I don't really want on my front page. ;) )