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  1. Sorry if this has already been mentioned on the thread, but is the 2.6 version correct? I can only seem to see mentions of 'Update from v2.x.x to v2.5' in the included sql files and docs, not to 2.6. Am I missing something obvious or have the docs not been updated - if so are they still relevant?



    Also, is everyone happy with 2.6 or are there bugs that should put me off upgrading for the moment?








    If I'm being a bit dim it's because it's Monday morning. ;)

  2. I seem to be having problems with this when I enable https.


    I've had it working nicely up until now, but now i've secured the site when I go to add a new mp3 folder it throws me out - no error message or anything, it just takes me back to the login page for the Administration Access Level Account that I've got added to the site. If I then disable https (through admin/includes/configure.php) it works again. I have had a quick look through the code, but if anyone's got any pointers (as there's a lot of code there) it would be apreciated, or has anyone had this problem before?




    Also, does anyone know how to change it so that it uses the Product Model for the file name rather than the prouct name? This would be much more useful for me and also cut down on the risk of adding 'daft' characters to the file name that the server doesn't like (such as '/' which caused a few problems.)

  3. What I would like to know is, if I change the configuration id values in the image magic install sql file (and all the other configuraiton id's that follow), will the install still work? I would test it but I don't have the luxury of crashing the site as I am supposed to be finishing this site up asap for the owner.

    I'ld say it's worth a try - provided you backup backup backup!


    There's a similar thing mentioned in an earlier post on this thread - here, and the posts following it.

  4. Sounds like you might not have added the relevant code to one of the files (the one that deals with new product - can't remember which on it is of the top of my head.) Go through the install instructions checking the files you've edited.


    Does it work on the edit product description page?

  5. but you will need to amend my code as I've heavily modified it.

    Cheers, that's sort of what I meant. :rolleyes:



    Didn't realise there was only the 2 files in the package when I posted that as I hadn't opened it up. I've now installed it for a try out (as it's pretty independant of the rest of OSC and should be easy to uninstall if I don't get on with it.) It looks useful, and I like the fact it's configurable for other feeds, but it also looks to be on the boundary of my coding skills, and I wouldn't recomend it to anyone who's not comfortable having a hack - though if you are you should be able to get a lot of millage from it!

  6. I've just noticed that some of my product images don't show up when in secure (https) areas such as the account information page. Instead of having the image in the 'what's new' box there's a blank area with a message saying 'Error. File path incorrect. Check configure.php.' I've noticed that some images show up but others don't, the one's that don't are the one's that have spaces in the file name that get replaced with %20 by the server. I'm pretty sure it's an image magic issue as turning it off stops it from happening.




    Of course the way to stop this is to not have spaces in my filenames (as that's naughty) but is there a way to alter imagemagic to get round this (try explaining to the people who run the sites on a day to day basis that unix systems dont understand spaces in filepaths and you'll see a sea of blank faces.).

  7. Yes, your right I probably should have said that, but what I did say is still valid as it suggests just what you said.


    Well, if we're going to play pedant here, I could point out that what you said didn't sugest it at all but did imply that it was the only editor contrib that worked with Firefox. But I won't. :rolleyes:



    I'll bear all the things you mentioned in mind if I use this contrib, and go and have a look at the developers home page.

  8. Perhaps instead of saying 'None of the other HTML editors would work with FireFox' you should have said 'I haven't been able to get any of the other HTML editors to work with FireFox.' ;)







    I'ld be tempted to try it but for two things that strike me initialy. I can't see a way of uploading images from your local machine to the server to use them in the text. Also is it possible for it to use <br> instead of <p>.....</p> - /slashes/ throw my version of easypopulate into a fit. Actualy after a second look at the demo's output there are a lot of slashes. I expect these are issues with TinyMCE though.

  9. Dude, one thing you gotta be clear of is that not all are using Dreamweaver. All ain't using the latest html editors with line numbering. I don't have the cash to spend on such snassy gadgets. I'm using Notepad, and it has the "Go to line" disabled.


    Have a look at ConTEXT - it's a great programmers editor, and it's free. Line numbers aren't turned on by default, but they're there if you need them.



    Also see Vim.

  10. Do you or anyone else know if it is possible to change the html code FCK generates?


    When creating a new row with Return-button on keyboard you get this code: <br/>

    I don't really know if that is a problem, but I have learned to write it like this: <br>


    Has anyone found a way of doing this? I use easypopulate to update stock some of the time, and in the past I've had trouble with /slashes/ in html code in the description text, as it's a character also used by mySQL. I can see this happening with this if I use it. Presumably this is an issue with FCK Editor rather than the OSC port of it. Any ideas anyone?

  11. I'm after something to add feeds for things like Froogle, Bizrate etc and I'ld like to know what people's opinions and experiences of the various contribs are. I'ld like something that's fairly flexible as I'ld also be interested in getting feeds to things like Ciao and any others that come up in the future. I'ld also like something that's as automated as possible (though that's not a deal breaker.)


    I've currently got Easy Populate installed, and that already has some Froogle capabilities, but I'm not sure if it's possible to extend it to cover others.



    Also any general hints and tips about these shopping search sites - anyone been badly burnt by them?

  12. I've only had a quick glance through the error you've been getting, but it's similar to one I had. The problem I was having was that a character in the text that was being uploaded was also used by mySQL, which caused the database software to throw it's toys out of the pram when it encountered that character in a context it wasn't expecting. It looks to me like it doesn't like the " ' " that precedes the s in for the right syntax to use near 's fastest graphics chip, the Millennium G400... To get round this I had to go into a text editor and do a find and replace on ' , replacing it with the coresponding special character. I think I also got this with an instance of html in the text that had a closing tag [/html].



    I wonder if the easypopulate boffins are aware of this as it's a bit of a bug, though I'm not sure if there would be a way around it.

  13. So you put the image file in the image folder on your server and put the filename into the image field in the database, but it hasn't made the connection between them when it was uploaded? Does the filename show up when you go to the edit product details page in your admin section?


    It might be worth trying to upload the database file again, as I've noticed that it occasionaly misses things (so I always make sure I check the output it echoes to make sure it hasn't barfed.)

  14. Don't know if I'm going to be any help here or not, but a couple of things strike me.


    Is define('DIR_FS_$DOCUMENT_ROOT', '/home/domain/public_html/') an actual quote from your configure file? Like I said in the other post I don't entirely understand it (and as it's working as is with mine so I'm not going to tinker) but I thought it would have to be something along the lines of define('DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT', '$DOCUMENT_ROOT') - please, anyone who knows more than me (and I don't know much) tell me if I'm completely wrong with this!


    I haven't called mine catalog either, but don't seem to have suffered any ill effects. Did you install yours from your providers site or did you upload it from your own machine? I uploaded mine, even though it came with the package, as I thought there might be certain issues with keeping control of it (such as upgrading when I want to, calling files - such as catalog - what I want to).


    If you put it all in the sites root it will munge the existing index page as it needs it's own to work. It should work in a subdirectory. It might be worth biting the bullet and uploading a fresh install of osc, there's bound to be a few loose ends that could do with a tidy and this is a good excuse to do them and get it how you want with the benefit of more experience than you had when you started out.

  15. Have you set DOCUMENT_ROOT to $DOCUMENT_ROOT in your /catalog/admin/includes/configure.php? I personaly don't quite understand this statement, as I overlooked to do it (following the instructions in EasyPopulate_Manual.rtf not 1readmeFIRST.txt - I had read it first, then it wasn't mentioned in the Manual.rtf so it slipped my mind) but it seems to be working ok. The only thing I can find that it might refer to in mine is DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT, but that's pointing at the right place anyway. Try it it might work for you, or check and see if DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT is pointing at the stores directory. Mine's never been called catalog either.