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  1. If you look further back in the thread, there was a comment about making sure that the fonts for specific encodings were present. If I recall, the discussion was relating to Chinese, or some other language, but the concept still remains; make sure that the fonts that are used are available in the folder as mentioned in that post... K
  2. Hmm... Maybe that is why I was confused... :) In actuality, we dont' have attributes specifically for products, but what we are trying to do is get the packing list sorted by the Products Model: description, which is stored as a text field in the 'products' table - I believe that it is a part of a even a fairly stock osC install, but am not certain anymore... Each of the various different variants that I've run with in recent memory have included that column in the db as 'products_model' in the 'products' table. It is also then copied into the 'orders_products' table in the 'products_model' column for each ordered item. We have our model field categorized such that the beginning of the field includes information as to where to find the product in the warehouse, so getting the invoice / packing list sorted alphabetically by that field would be great. Initially I was thinking that it would have been something as simple as: SELECT * FROM `orders_products` WHERE `orders_id` = <ordernumber> ORDER BY 'products_model'; However, since there are no similar queries that I can find, I don't know where to go looking... TNX Kris
  3. This looks promising, but I've not been able to quite figure out how the order products list is brought in, and thus what this code is working against... Basically, I am trying to sort the listing based on the 'products_model' field on the order, but I can't figure out how to do it with this - can you point me in the right direction? Thanks! Kris
  4. This looks kind of what I am looking for, but... I'm working on putting together a store where I have quite a variety of items - some very light which will ship UPS, some which are too heavy for UPS and will have to go Freight. No problem there, since the UPS module returns an error when the weight is too much for UPS. However... I also have some items that need to have an additional UPS HazMat charge added to them - and to those products only... Any ideas? I still want to be able to ship by weight, and would rather not have to add the HazMat charge to the price of the item since there are going to be some local pickups, or store deliveries... Thanks! Kris
  5. Thanks! These seem to do the trick - had some odd problems at first, but nothing too weird... Now - next question... :) How would one go about supporting product attributes with EP? I have about 100 products to put up now that all need the same four attributes added into them... EP is great in putting them up initially, but I dread having to go through them all to update the attributes... Thanks for any help! Kris
  6. jkstark

    EPS SecureGate

    Has anybody else ever used this payment processor? If so, is there a module that will work with it in MS1/2? I saw somewhere that they do support the Plug'n'Pay, but that module seems to be behind the times, and a little kludgy, especially when it comes to the Plug'n'Pay interface (form) that is popped up. Not to mention that there is no confirmation at the store end... :cry: ESP has their own interface also, which seems pretty simple, but I didn't want to have to try and reinvent the wheel (especially with my PHP skills) if somebody had something that worked already... Thanks! Kris