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    Protx Form Orders Slipping Throug

    If that's the case and it's repeatable, then it sounds like a bug fix is required. Perhaps the code can check a variable that gets stored in the session just prior to jumping to Protx, and if set when the checkout page is reloaded, then stuff can be re-initialised to the original settings? Perhaps the order ID that get's passed to Protx needs to be changed for the second call?
  2. Hi, Great contribution. Many thanks. I do have one question... in includes/functions/security.php there's the following function... function fwr_clean_global($get_var) { foreach ($get_var as $key => $value) ( isset($GLOBALS[$key]) ? $GLOBALS[$key] = $get_var[$key] : NULL ); } The isset line looks a rather strange version of a ternary construct and is relatively tricky to understand (esp. for newbies). Is there any reason it couldn't be written as: function fwr_clean_global($get_var) { foreach ($get_var as $key => $value) { if (isset($GLOBALS[$key])) { $GLOBALS[$key] = $get_var[$key]; } } } or is there a special reason to write it the way it is currently? Perhaps I'm even misunderstanding what those lines actually do? Ta. :)
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    Fixed Width with CSS

    I obviously meant to say "Notice that there are no text-align statements in the CSS for centering". :)
  4. failsafe

    Fixed Width with CSS

    Differences between browsers is a big pain! I centered a site recently after looking hard on the web for a similar fix to the problem between browsers. You could try replacing your buggy CSS with the following... :) body { background: #ffffff; background-image: url('images/back.jpg'); color: #000000; margin: 0px; } #fixcenter { width: 958px; padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px; /* top, right, bottom, left */ margin-top: 20px; margin-right: auto; margin-bottom: 20px; margin-left: auto; border: 1px solid #000000; /* ie5win fudge begins */ width: 958px; /* add padding right and left to this value */ voice-family: "\"}\""; voice-family: inherit; width: 958px; } html>body #fixcenter { width: 958px; /* ie5win fudge ends */ } I.e. Replace everything from your line starting "BODY {" down to (but not including) the line starting "A {" in your stylesheet.css file. I don't thoroughly understand the fudge, but it seems to work. Notice that there are text-align statements in the CSS for centering. I've put the padding statements in the above example because I use padding of 8px on my other site (not osCommerce), but for padding of 0px then probably some of the width adjustments for the IE fudge could be removed. Anyway, it's a start for you to play with that might fix your problem. Cheers, Failsafe
  5. Well I fixed it. There were 2 problems, both self-inflicted! 1. After running install on the cc module (again), this wiped my email address for the centre part of cc number, so no emails were generated for this. Providing the email address again fixed this so emails are generated once again. 2. Fixing (1) showed up the second problem because emails arrived with a blank centre cc number. I'd missed out a vital bit of the contribution in the includes/modules/payment/cc.php file, process_button() function. I'd correctly commented out the old code, but missed putting in the new part so $process_button_string was being returned as NULL. Setting it to the value as per contribution fixed the problem so now emails arrive with centre part of the cc number correctly, and viewing existing orders in admin shows the full correct cc details as expectd. Crisis over!
  6. I just installed the Switch v1.6 contrib to get CVV & issue number and have run into the identical problem to the one you just encountered, namely missing credit card info on the order form. All seems to be well with the order right up to the point where admin tries to view the cc info. Another strange side effect is that the email with the centre portion of the cc info also does not arrive, whereas it was working correctly before I installed the contribution. Did anyone find a fix to this yet? - I'm just about to start pouring over the code to try to figure out the problem.