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  1. I have just uploaded your canned order comments and would like to thank you as I've spent years copying and pasting! Simple but very useful :-)

  2. madcrazygirl

    Paypal which version

    I set my store up in 2006 with the Paypal IPN installed. This worked fine and I have a standard Paypal business account. However, I want to change from payment with order to capture and authorise and also have the ability to issue refunds etc from admin rather than login to Paypal. I think this may mean I have to change my Paypal account type and also install a new payment module? Please can someone who is using the options I require kindly point me in the right direction! Many thanks and I am UK.
  3. madcrazygirl

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    paypal_ipn.php,v 2006/05/21 19:29:00 Edith Karnitsch
  4. madcrazygirl

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hello Okay I made my site in 2006 and installed the Paypal IPN. All working fine from that point of view but as things have moved on I find customers increasingly don't want funds collected until dispatch in the same way I use Google and I don't really want them in advance either. I naively thought this wasn't possible with Paypal but googling today has told me that authorisation is possible! It was never on my admin at the time. I have tried looking through part of this thread but it is LARGE so can someone please point me to how to alter things so I can achieve this.
  5. madcrazygirl

    Please help me!

    In the language file
  6. madcrazygirl

    Does a contribution exist that will help me?

    You should be able to use Discount Coupons by KGT (from memory?) and issue a voucher code for 100% off shipping. Hope helps.
  7. madcrazygirl

    Which one?

    Take a look at this one. Does what you want and is fairly easy to install.
  8. madcrazygirl

    Testing PayPal / Sandbox

    I also gave up on the sandbox. You go around in circles thinking something is wrong and it isn't! I simply placed cheap items on site and then bought and refunded myself :thumbsup:
  9. madcrazygirl

    Sort order of products, easiest way please

    Yes but easiest way to do what exactly?
  10. madcrazygirl

    Customer chooses delivery method - contribution?

    Oscommerce already offers that at checkout doesn't it?
  11. madcrazygirl

    Several Newbie Questions

    Check the contributions for this. I use Attributes Sets and it is very good. It enables you to create sets of sizes and just apply them exactly as you have described above best wishes
  12. madcrazygirl

    I am really frustrated and disappointed

    :lol: Good. I am only good at the simple things on here but hey leaves the clever people to concentrate on the harder ones. Hope you can get some sleep now until the next problem.......
  13. madcrazygirl

    I am really frustrated and disappointed

    Maybe I am missing something! Anyway, I am not talking about your folders. The admin panel you get when you type www.mysite.com/admin into your browser. Don't know a lot about these things but think the files just tell it to look in the database and the admin panel is how it gets written in there?
  14. madcrazygirl

    I am really frustrated and disappointed

    Eek a lot of code! No in the admin panel. Banner Manager and then click on the banner, edit and then second line down is the place to put the URL
  15. madcrazygirl

    I am really frustrated and disappointed

    Oh well that one is easy :lol: Look at tab above: About us/copyright policy