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  1. espectations

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    Just some additional comments about pagerank and online marketing of your site. SEO consists of on-page factors and off-page factors. Having your keyword in the url of your site is one of the on-page factors - just one of the 100 factors that Google takes into account. Link exchanges are dead and the most important factor is backlinks / inbound link. The way to get these links relates more to online marketing than SEO - i.e. you will have to do press releases when you launch new products, add content about your products for example articles and then distribute these press releases and articles. An influx of links are also considered suspicious activity so you have to build it up over a period of time. Add a blog to your site and blog about your business or the field of business you are in. For topics, check the latest industry news and discuss it on your blog. Once again just adding this module or the header tags module is not going to be the begin and end of all solutions. Also do not expect miracles - it will take up to 3 months before you start seeing a difference. SEO whether it is on-page of off-page factors that you work on is part of a whole and if you do not have your marketing strategy right, i.e. which target markets you want to reach, then these tools will only have a 0.01% chance of making a difference to your site.
  2. Hi, We have a SSL certificate installed on the site. Since I installed SEO urls, we get an error message and my ISP advised that I should make sure that http://www. is used in the url and not just http:// It seems as if the site defaults to http://tennantsa.com and not http://www.tennantsa.com Is there anybody that could possibly advise regarding this issue. Kind regards Marinda Botha
  3. espectations

    Url rewriting slowing site down

    Hi, thanks for the responses. I installed the yesudo version 2.1 d from 25 November. I noted that the session ID issues was addressed in the update osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 Update 051112 Documentation - read through it all and they suggest that session ID killer be installed. However, as per comments and recommendations in this forum it is said that one should not install sid killer so I am not sure what is the best? I did set Force Cookies to True in my admin and the first link still shows up with sid. The site in question is: Tennant SA cleaning equipment if you want to take a look. Thanks again for all the suggestions. Marinda
  4. Hi, I installed SEO URLS and header tags and all is working fine except for some small issues - will really appreciate help with this: The rewriting of urls is slowing the site down a lot - is there possibly a way that we could speed up the site? This is not a major issue but my urls are reading backpackvacuum in stead of backpack-vacuum - any suggestions here? I used to have a categories drop-down showing up on the manufacturers page - this disappeared and I am not sure how to get it back - any suggestions? When you click on the first link there is a session ID - thereafter the session ID's do not appear - how can I get rid of the session ID when clicking on the first link? Any help regarding these matters will be greatly appreciated. I saw some people in the forum ask similar questions but I cannot find the answers in the forum.
  5. espectations

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    I think people do not understand the importance of SEO combined with SEM. SEO consist of on-page and off-page factors. SEO urls are part of the on-page factors as it is important for your keywords used in your url to also appear on your page. A recent report indicated that 2007 is going to be the year where SEO is going to change as more and more clients are expecting additional services for example public relations, marketing etc. It is like the use of a marketing mix in offline marketing where the whole package consist of several elements. SEO urls should just be one part of your web site promotion mix. Content is still king and if you do not add updates, decent content etc. to your site you will not see much of a difference. So to answer your question - there is no "quick fix" as far as online marketing, search engine optimization and positioning is concerned and SEO urls is not going to provide you with a miracle solution. You still need to do all the rest that goes with it for ultimate results.
  6. espectations

    3 Important questions

    Hi, I have been through this forum now several times trying to find answers to my questions - I did note that others also posted the same questions, but there seems to be no answers for it - is it a situation where nobody knows the answers or was there just no response? Here are the questions I have: Rewrite slowing down site The site I am working on Tennant South Africa downloads extremely slow since the rewriting of the URLs to SEO friendly urls was installed. Is there a way that I could increase the speed with which the site downloads? Please note that over here in Africa many people are still on dial-up accounts and might leave the site when it loads so slowly. Session ID on first link clicked thereafter no session id, but SEO url I installed the recommended contributions as per advice in this forum: Spiders.txt and the November 2005 update 060817 The November 2005 update got rid of the session id's but there is still a SID when you click on the first link. Drop-down with categories on manufacturers page disappeared how do I get it back? We have SSL, MS 2.2 installed, mod rewrite is enabled etc. I will appreciate it highly if someone could point me in the right direction for answers to these questions.
  7. Hi everybody, I installed the latest version (26 Nov) and in the Admin section I now get this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: getpermissions() in /home/tennants/public_html/cleaning/admin/header_tags_controller.php on line 20 Could anybody please help? I went through the install instructions several times and cannot find what I am doing wrong? The permissions for catalog/includes/header_tags.php and catalog/includes/languages/english/header_tags.php have also been set so I cannot imagine why it is giving me this message Many thanks in advance
  8. espectations

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    Hi, I installed version and it seems to work fine on a clean installation. I am getting this error in the admin section: Warning: call_user_func(tep_reset_cache_data_seo_urls) [function.call-user-func]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback in /home/tennants/public_html/cleaning/admin/includes/functions/general.php on line 1199 Working through the forum, I noticed that others had the same problem but I do not seem to find the solution to this problem. Could someone please clarify. I also installed header tags as it is important to me to use it seeing that I am an online marketing specialist, and this problem occured once I installed the header tags module. I am using an Apache server if that means anything. Please advise urgently. Thanks Marinda Stuiver
  9. Hi, I just installed Ultimate SEO urls and Header tags and I get the following error in the admin section: Warning: call_user_func(tep_reset_cache_data_seo_urls) [function.call-user-func]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback in /home/tennants/public_html/cleaning/admin/includes/functions/general.php on line 1199 Could someone please advise how this could be fixed? Thanks Marinda
  10. espectations

    Order Re-Order Contribution Support

    Hi, I installed your module in conjunction with the following other modules: Header tags Meta tags SEO URLS Customer discount Call for price Featured products Cross-sell I am getting this error after installing the order-re-order contribution: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_set_banner_status() (previously declared in /includes/functions/general.php:705) in /includes/functions/banner.php on line 15 I am not sure where or how to fix this problem and will appreciate any input regarding this error message. I am not expert at PHP but find my way around fine. Thanks in advance Marinda Stuiver
  11. espectations

    Cannot redeclare

    Hi, My site is quite modified and I do use the search engine friendly URL contribution. When I installed this module I kept on getting the following fatal error message - is it possible that someone could pls help??? Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_set_banner_status() (previously declared in /home/tennants/public_html/cleaning/includes/functions/general.php:705) in /home/tennants/public_html/cleaning/includes/functions/banner.php on line 15 I am not expert in PHP but can find my way around. Thanks in advance. Marinda Stuiver
  12. espectations

    Xsell products

    Hi, I just discovered where to set the minimum and maximum products for the Xsell module. Go to admin, configuration, minimum and maximum values. In maximum you can change the number of products to display in the Cross sell module from 6 to whatever you want. Am adding this as I was not the only one that asked this question. Thanks for a great module!!
  13. espectations

    [Contribution] Cross Sell (X-Sell) Admin

    Hi Everybody, Thanks for a great contribution, I installed it and it is working like a charm. I read through the whole forum to see if there is an answer to this question but only found Kunal that asked the same: At the moment only 6 items are displayed - my customers are in the equipment business and they want to sell the machine with the spare parts/accessories listed underneath. In most cases the accessories/spare parts add up to more than 6 items. We would not add tumbnails to the parts/accessories, merely a list with a short description which then could be added to the total order. Some help will be highly appreciated. Marinda Stuiver
  14. Hi, I will appreciate some help pls. I have MS2.2 Oscommerce installed and SPPC - when I added the X-sell module 2.3, I got the following error on my catalogue side: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_db_connect() (previously declared in /home/tennants/public_html/orders/includes/functions/database.php:14) in /home/tennants/public_html/orders/includes/functions/database.php on line 14 This error occurs when you click on the product link that will take you to the details of the products and obviously the area where the Cross-selling will take place. I went through the instructions twice and cannot see that I did anything wrong or not stipulated in the X-sell instructions. Is there anybody that could please advise where I could resolve this issue??? Thanks a lot. Marinda Stuiver
  15. Hi, I have a fresh install of MS2.2 and I want to use this contribution. overwrote the files as per instructions with fresh install but when I click on "Order this again" button, it does nothing. I also tried all suggestions, options and changes in this forum but nothing is added to my shopping cart. Could someone pls advise. Marinda Stuiver