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  1. Anyone any idea?
  2. Hi All, We're busy building the webshop but there is a problem. When you choose a payment method and checkout, it just redirects to checkout_success and not to paypal or any other payment website. Is anyone familiar with this problem? Thanks in advance, Nick
  3. Hi all, For a new osCommerce shop I need to give some customergroups (i.e. Employees) a default discount. I also need the option to remove shipping costs. Is there a simple contrib to do this? Can't find it in the contrib section of osc. TIA, Nick
  4. Hi all, I installed the "Ultimate SEO URLs" contributions two months ago, a great contrib and easy to install. In the beginning everything looked okay but yesterday the server started to overheat so to speak. I found out that de contrib caches everything in 1 record in the table 'cache', that's a huge problem since we have 30.000+ products in our webshop. Does anybody have any experience with this problem or better knows a work-around? Thanks in advance!