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  1. Sorry, my english isn't good. I try to describe the problem again. When the SEO Contrib is active, the costumer can't login from shopping cart. The login site is showing, then the customer filled out the login form. Then clicked the button 'Login' and isn't logged in. The shop start page is now showing. The shopping cart contains all items, but the costmer isn't logged in. The customer can logged in only by clicking on the 'My Account' Button. That's worked. But the shopping cart is empty. The login from shopping cart by clicking the button 'Checkout' doesn't work. Now, I replaced the files from backup before the Contrib was installed. The Ultimate SEO is now complete removed from frontend and the login problem from shopping cart is fixed yet. Is it better now to understand me? I hope. :)
  2. Hi Jack_mcs, thanks for your answer. I replaced the following files from my backup now: root/shop/.htaccess root/shop/includes/application_top.php root/shop/functions/html_output.php And now, the order process works fine. The webshop located in the subfolder 'shop'. In the .htaccess file the path is 'RewriteBase /shop/'. In the /includes/configure.php I wrote the following pathes: define('HTTP_SERVER', 'http://www.anyurl.de'); // eg, http://localhost - should not be empty for productive servers define('HTTPS_SERVER', 'https://ssl-account.com/anyurl.de'); // eg, https://localhost - should not be empty for productive servers ssl-account.com is the SSL-Proxy from Hoster. Could this be the problem? Thanks, atom11
  3. Hello and sorry for my bad english. I'm a German Member. I've a big problem. I've included the Ultimate_SEO_URLSv22d_10 successfully. But now, when a customer put a artikle into the shopping card, the artikle is stored and the session is active. The customer clicked on checkout -> checkout_shipping.php and have to logged in. That's OK. But after filling form as new customer or logged in with account data -> the site is redirected to shop start site and the customer isn't logged in. When the costumer logged in from "My Account"-site directly, the login works fine. The "My-Account"-site is showing and the customer can buy everything complete to the end of the checkout process. What is the problem? Any idea? I use an SSL-Proxy from my Hoster all-inkl.com. Without this contrib the webshop works fine. But I doesn't wish roll back the installation. When I turn off this contrib in admin panel, this problem isn't solved. Please help me. :-) Thanks, atom11
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    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    I solved my problem. I reinstalled this contrib and now works fine. :)
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    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    Hello, sorry for my bad english. I'm a german user. Thanks for this great contribution, but I've a big problem with this... The contrib works fine if user NOT logged in! If user logged in the Contrib not shown the shipping cost, drop down menu... Screenshot: Can help me anybody? Thx & cu atom