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  1. I have tried adding this to the new v2.3 release and while there are no errors for some reason it just doesnt work have i missed something?
  2. alba

    Header Tags SEO

    I will partly answer my own question... No it doesnt work with 2.3 :( I have the admin functioning mostly however the admin/header_tags_seo.php doesnt populate missing or all files In the front end the Currently viewing: and socials tags work without issue as does the breadcrumb but the header tags dont populate on the index.php on the top category :( no ideas on why they dont however... im still investigating those issues
  3. alba

    Header Tags SEO

    Jack will the current version of this module work with v2.3? I had a bit of a look at the included functions in the new 2.3 release and to be hoinest i dont really see them doing anything at all as fa as meta tags go etc?
  4. alba

    OSC to CSS v2

    Im curios does this mod replace or enhance what is now available in v2.3? I love the examples ive seen of this addon and while i have always used STS in the past to work with templates (with div based template files rather than table based) im wondering what the best approach is now with the new release of v2.3? any advise would be greatly appreciated
  5. alba

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Bill with the supposedly impending release of v2.3 (which was going to be last month) will an update to STS be required to continue using it with this new version as i see it has seperated a lot of the html away from the php in the code i have seen.
  6. Ive just installed a copy on a new store and i have a weird issue going on that i cant explain.... The module is all installed and appears to be working but no matter what link i click on you get redirected back to index.php althogh the link temporarily displays the corect seo url in the address bar for a second or so before switching back to index.php does any one have any ideas as to what could be causing this?
  7. alba


    Ive had the same issues as everyone else has reported with v2.5 previous versions worked fine but this one keeps looping aroudn saying i have incorrect admin login details and if i empty those fields out as it suggests if not using curl then it comes up with errors saying my ignore list shouldnt end and start with quotes but ive left my existing configure file in place as i always have in the past Ive has to downgrade back to v2.4 to keep this working :(
  8. Im wondering if there are issues with this module under PHP 5.3 or if any specific configurations are required such as any PHP functions that may be normally disabled such as show_source, system etc? also is the module globals off compliant? I ask because im finding that on a new server setup the module works and is retuning the client to the complete/success page but no data is being posted for the order into the database... very weird i know...
  9. Im wondering if there is a way to force a template theme to load once someones clicked on a link that directs them to that template? Lets say i have a template called lite and another called heavy default is setup as the default template on the site but i want to have a link to sts_template=lite on the page so people on slower connections can load this template and stay on the lite template on each page of the site as they progress thru it, unless they click on the link to go back to the heavy template is there a way to do this? currently it will load the first page with the different template and from then on it reverts back to the first template on any further pages.
  10. alba

    Version Checker

    hrmm this may be difficult because the definition is a Language define, thats converted and displayed as $this-> description
  11. alba

    Version Checker

    Im wondering if anyone has successfully added this to a payment or shipping module yet? Ive had a few attempts and havent really gotten anywhere with it, as i had assumed i could tie it into the module description function but ive had no luck.. the only luck i have had is with the $this->signature function that was introduced into rc2.2a but even it doesnt actually take you to the specific page of the addon, it goes to sig.oscommerce.com which seems to just redirect to the home page of the site
  12. alba

    Version Checker

    actually nevermind i had realised my mistake... amazing what a missing decimal in a version number can do !
  13. alba

    Version Checker

    Jack Thanks for the advice I actually tried adding it to the osCAffiliate affiliate_summray.php page and i have an old version so added: $contribPath = 'http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/158'; $currentVersion = 'osCAffiliate v2.02'; $contribName = 'osCAffiliate'; $versionStatus = ''; and i had assumed this would work but it simply returned that the osCAffiliate v2.02 was the latest version Is this simply because the versioning everyone has used is all over the place in this mod?
  14. alba

    Version Checker

    Jack This is a great script and i hope more developers start to adopt this I am wondering however if this mod can be used to check any other site for a version of a file Am i right in assuming its just searching for the contributions name and version as per the strings defined? and presumably it finds Expand All in the age first and then starts looking?
  15. I have a module that for some reason has stopped working and im unable to determine why The code grabs the shipping postcode and then grabs data from a database to populate some variables used in the shipping calulation for some reason this no longer works $topcode = $order->delivery['postcode']; if ( $topcode == '' ){ // Something is wrong, we didn't find any zone $this->quotes['error'] = MODULE_SHIPPING_POSTSHIP_NO_POSTCODE_FOUND; return $this->quotes; } $qResult = tep_db_query("select * from postship_zones where '$topcode' >= s_postcode and '$topcode.' <= s_postcode") ; $rec = tep_db_fetch_array($qResult); if ($rec['s_delivery'] = '0') { $days = 'same'; } if ($rec['s_delivery'] = '1') { $days = 'next'; } else { $days = $rec['s_delivery']; } $dest_zone = $rec['s_zone']; $zones_base = constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONE_' . $dest_zone . '_BASE'); $zones_rate = constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONE_' . $dest_zone . '_RATE'); $zones_handling = constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONE_' . $dest_zone . '_HANDLING'); $zones_fuel = constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONE_' . $dest_zone . '_FUEL'); $zones_fuel_levy = $zones_fuel+1; I i run this sql statement in phpmyadmin it returns the correct data. If i try and echo these variables in the checkout_shipping.php to debug, they dont work. Having said that as an experiment I moved this code to near the top of checkout_shipping.php and ran it and my echo statement returned all the variables. does anyone have any idea whats not right here?