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    Recover Cart Sales

    Hello, I have just installed the Abandoned Cart contribution, and it works great except for one thing in the email which is generated. Here's a sample: "Login to your account here: /store/login.php ------------------------------------------------------ Dear ross, Thank you for stopping by Secret Oktober and considering us for your purchase. We noticed that during a visit to our store you placed the following item(s) in your shopping cart, but did not complete the transaction. Shopping Cart Contents: 1 x Mom Tattoo baby T-shirt-S /store/product_info.php?products_id=831 ...[etc. etc.]" So, I am guessing this is something wrong in my configuration somewhere? But I don't see where. I tried to puzzle through the code for a bit but I'm not finding it. It may or may not be related, but my "catalog" folder is called "store" instead. So, basically it is not putting "https://www.secret-oktober.com" at the front of the login or the product link. Now, I just went ahead and hardcoded that into store/admin/recover_cart_sales.php. However, that is a sort of kludgy (sp?) solution, and I get the feeling that something is not set right in my configuration which will bite me sometime in the future. Also, perhaps others may experience the same problem depending on their setup so I thought I would share my experience. Anyone have an idea where I should look for the 'real' solution? thanks, ross