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  1. Torg42

    authorize.net problems

    Richard, Give the Auth.net AIM Contribution a try, it is preferred and you should have better luck with it. Also, make sure that you got to your AUth.net Merchant account and turn off the Test Mode, it defaults to that until you specifically turn it off. Then you may have better luck with permission issues. Troy
  2. Torg42

    authorize.net problems

    Wow the logging bit really helped me out. I was able to insert that code, get a log of the transaction, and then review it. IT told em that line item 1 was rejected for some reason. I removed that item from the customers order and the order went through. Now I am trying to figure out what is up with that item to try and correct any other items that may have that problem. They have 2500 items though so that should be fun. Don't forget to turn off the logging and remove the file.txt. Thanks a ton and have a great day, Troy
  3. Torg42

    Sme CC's Fail

    That thread did nothing to help me. Boy this is harsh. I have some customers that can make an order just fine and then one will come along and get the non-specific ...error=general Anybody? Thanks, Troy
  4. Torg42

    Sme CC's Fail

    Okay, I think I found a post that has this issue. I am working on that thread to see if I can get through this. Thanks and sorry for this extra post. Troy
  5. Torg42

    how to see cc error codes

    Me too. Has anybody figured out how to get an error code yet. My site works for most CC's, but fails for some. Thanks, Troy
  6. Torg42

    Sme CC's Fail

    Hello, My client is reporting that some people who are putting in their CC's are getting the following: There has been an error processing your credit card Please try again and if problems persist, please try another payment method. At the top of the Checkout page, and now real errors are given. on the https line it ends with: payment_error=authorizenet_cc_aim&error=general&osCsid=7a3c329b73a2b7b00388b8c3b06aa09b OSC 2.2, using the Authorize.net AIM, the Certified one from January 2008. Works for most cards, and our personal cards used in testing. Just seems that some users just cannot complete a transaction. I have been searching all day on the forums and have made no headway. I have the clients CC info and can reproduce this info. I am not sure how to get a look at an error taht I can show to Authorize.net or if it is a problem with the users account or what. Authorize wont help me until I have an error code, but I am not sure how to get one out of this situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Troy
  7. Hello, I just got this figured out. So in case somebody else is having an issue with the 3 lbs weight problem here is what to do: In /includes/modules/shipping/mzmt.php go to this line: 'module' => constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_MZMT_GEOZONE_' . $this->delivery_geozone . '_TEXT_TITLE') . ' (' . $combined_quote_weight . ' lbs)', and get rid of the (' . $combined_quote_weight . ' lbs) bit, so it looks like this: 'module' => constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_MZMT_GEOZONE_' . $this->delivery_geozone . '_TEXT_TITLE') . ' ', And it will magically disappear! Have a great day, Troy
  8. Whoops, I am sorry, I meant to say 0 lbs, not 30. Thanks, Troy
  9. Hello, I am wondering how to turn off the weight showing up on the shipping page. We don't use any weights, just table rates shipping based on price. So I turned off the Tare weight, and now it says that everything weighs 30 lbs. How can I turn off the showing of the weight? It confuses our clients. Thanks, Troy
  10. Torg42

    authorize.net problems

    Jeff, I modified my checkout_confirmation.php as you suggested and it totally worked. I spent hours upon hours trying to fix this a.net AIM problem. And this code mod appears to do the trick. I really appreciate your help. By the way it doesn't appear to have hurt my other payment methods. Have a great day, Troy
  11. Okay, that didn't help. I wonder why the Expiration Date works for Stock CC Payment module, but it fails out for the Authorize.net AIM mod. That doesn't make any sence to me. Maybe something with the Checkout_confirmation.php?
  12. Okay, I think I get what your taling about with the delimiter bit. I will try to set it to a , instead of a pipe. Troy
  13. Kevin, What do you mean when you talk about my delimiters are set correctly? Troy
  14. Kevin, Thanks, I will work my way back wards through this and see if I can find it. Troy
  15. Hello again, The CC Date works fine for the stock CC payment module. But with the Auth AIM I get the Expiry error. Does that help? Thanks, Troy