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  1. mawdesigns

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    Hi there I wonder if you can help me? I've got the multi stores contrib working great apart from one thing - all the orders that are placed are being assigned to the default store even if they are placed in other stores. I'm not sure if this might be to do with using Paypal for payment gateway?? Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Mike
  2. mawdesigns

    [Contribution] Purchase Order V2.3

    Hi Guys I have a question regarding the error messages which are shown on checkout_payment.php if you don't have an account or if you've exceeded your limit etc. I get the "credit account error" message on the page but the specific message is shown as part of the URL in the browser address bar. I want it to appear on the web page instead. can you help?
  3. Hi I've installed the contibution however when I am viewing the shop and go to links.php, then click on a category i get this message: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'xor ld.language_id = '99')' at line 1 select count(l.links_id) as total from links_description ld, links l, links_to_link_categories l2lc where l.links_status = '2' and l.links_id = l2lc.links_id and ld.links_id = l2lc.links_id and l2lc.link_categories_id = '1' and ( ld.language_id = '1' xor ld.language_id = '99') [TEP STOP] I don't know where to look to put this right so please help!! thanks
  4. mawdesigns

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Hi I'm hoping someone can help! I have recently installed this contribution and it seams to work apart from one thing: For taxable goods, in admin, i am inputting the discounted price inclusive of tax (gross price) but when i look at the prices in the store, the discounted price has had tax added to it (sometimes this means it shows up as higher than the normal price) Hope this makes sense!