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  1. freee

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    I have just visited your site and all I could see on "order details" page was Cart 20050331152759 $ 45.51 USD $ 45.51 USD . There were no individual products and shipping was not visable as a separate entry. I am now really confused beacuse that is exactly what I get and everybody is telling me that the contribution is working. Well, it is working but product details are not there just the order total value.
  2. freee

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    It is still not working for me. I can only see cart total amount passed on and I can complete the checkout process. A question for those who got it working .......Do your charge your customers for the shipping. I did not see anywhere in 2CO's email that they required me to provide product info and what is in the cart.I was only told to upgrade fro V1 tp V2 by 31/03. I am based in Australia. What about "shipping value"? Maybe that is causing my problem. I use Oc to calculate shipping charges. PLEASE COMMENT ON THE SHIPPING ISSUE.
  3. freee

    2Checkout New Rules for sales

    It is not working for me. I can only see cart total amount passed on. A question for those who got it working .......What about "shipping value"?
  4. Is this contribution in any way going to cause my site to be penalised for duplicate content and what is going to happen to the page rank of each individual page eventually? Are you recommending this contribution for a site that is already established (3 years +)?
  5. I have installed 2checkout contribution for MS2 and it is working fine the way it is intended to work. However, I use german and english store and I need to have the prices in USD identical to prices EUR. For example "x" product cost 5.00 USD in english shop and 5.00 EUR in german shop. This is store wide and it is achieved by setting the currency exchange rate 1:1 in Admin/localisation/currencies. When a customer from german shop select 2checkout as payment option the EURO amount does not get converted to USD beacuse I am not using currency exchange rate. I loose money in this way because for 100 EUR I get 100 USD. If a customer select PayPal as payment option the conversion is perfect because it occurs on PayPal server not on in my shop. IS IT POSSIBLE TO ADD X percentage to EURO amount that is sent to 2checkout server in order to achieve the correct exchange rate. For example today I would need to add 13% to EUR amount and the rate would be correct. Is it possible to edit 2checkout.php to achieve this?[/b] I am only strating with php and I could not get anywhere. Many thanks Cass
  6. Hi everybody, I have attempted to install this contribution several times. Is it compatible with with MS2 and if it is can somebody explain how to install it without destroying my webshop?