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  1. How do i set this module up so that the email stating confirmation of payment gets sent to the customer and addressed to either 'the customer' or the the customers name. As it appears you have to enter one specific address for all payment confirmation emails to go to. Thanks
  2. jason-w

    Multiple zones

    do you know much about that contribution ie like why when even if i select just the standard table rate it does not affect the checkout procedure like there is no mention of shipping cost whatsoever?
  3. jason-w

    Multiple zones

    currently if using zone rates you can only allow for 1. Is there already a way or a module to allow for multiple zones.
  4. jason-w

    Flat rate decided by country

    Thanks, I was looking at the following postal charges: local area free NZ national 6.00 3-5 days AUS 18.00 10-14 days USA 20.00 upto 21 days Uk + Rest of world 22.00 upto 21 days Orders outside NZ of $200+ free postage. and how they could be added using a module either existing or downloadable to automatically be slected when a user selects thier country in the shipping details.
  5. is there a module where you can set it to use a flat rate depending on what country the customer selects
  6. Hi Was trying to have the following shipping options available; Local area free NZ Other areas $6.00 AUS $18 USA $20 UK + Rest of world $22 all prices in nz dollars and shipping prices to be automatically chosen by country selected in customers shipping details also; international orders o/s of nz over $200 are free does this module exist or could it be created by someone who knows how as i do not.
  7. hey tried to do it again to get the errors showing up to tell you and when i was selecting the file to copy into where the modules are i realised there were 2 different modules that needed to go to two different places to make it work and it now does succesfully thankyou. i wonder if you would be able to answer my other Q i have installed and am running osCommerce on my local server on my computer which cannot be accesed from the internet so that i can set everything up. once done can you tell me how i would go about getting it live on the server hosting my domain name. ie whta files do i ftp?
  8. can someone please tell me how to get the anz egate module that i downloaded from the contrributions section working when i copy it into the 2 module directories i get errors showing up in the admn section under modules?? Thanks
  9. jason-w

    please help

    At present i am running oscommerce on my local server so that i can set it up and get it running but can someone please tell me what files i need to ftp to the live server for customers to access my store? I downloaded the payment module for anz egate in the contributions section can anyone tell me how to use it eg where to put the file? I know oscommerce has a built in module for collecting cc data but how is it then transferred to by ssl server for processing? I have no problem now accessing the admin tool but once i go live how is this done?