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    2gether Discount

    Hi Amanda! Wow! Not only your work is great but I?m also impressed with how much you help people with their different queries. I hope to be as good as you are in php one day? Now, I was looking to bring a few changes to your contribution... and miserably failed. Maybe you might be able to help, here? I?d like two things: to have the discount prices displayed in the shopping cart, a bit like the specials are in the listing: price crossed over and discounted price in red next to the original price. I would love to have the final price displayed in the checkout_confirmation page. At the moment, there is: Sub-total Flat rate Tax Total Discount ?and I would like to have ?Final Price? displayed at the end of the list with the amount the customer will really pay. Same with the shopping cart, it could be good if the prices displayed were the ones with the discount included, so the customer knows what the real amount of his/her shopping basket is. I know enough about php to deal with most general problems, but I?m quiet new with the object oriented side (php or not) and I didn?t really understand how the $order_total_modules class works yet. Any help would be wonderful! Thanks a lot! Charles.