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  1. Scottyj

    New customers - injected?

    48 hours and no fake accounts so pretty happy that changing file names has addressed the problem for now. I'm sure one day they will try again and I'd be happy to rename the file again. Certainly easier than deleting accounts everyday! Cheers Scott
  2. Scottyj

    New customers - injected?

    Ok so after trying to reCAPTCHA-2 working and not getting far due to the changes to my site (and it not being BE Edge didnt help) I think I have found a fairly easy solution. I renamed the create_account.php file and any references to it (maybe 3 other files?). Basically pointing it to a new file and I think that was enough to break (likely temporary) any automated scripts or whatever is going on. So far its been over 24 hours with no new (fake) accounts when I would typically have 5 to 10. Happy to let people know what files to change etc if this proves to be a solution Scott
  3. Scottyj

    New customers - injected?

    Hi everyone, thanks for the info, I've got Phoneix on my radar to use, my site is heavily customized so its not a quick task to move. But I think reCAPTCHA-2 is the way to go for now. Appreciate the response. Scott
  4. Scottyj

    New customers - injected?

    Hi all, in the past month or so I have been getting 3 or 4 on average new customers a day that are I believe are part of some sort of scam but just not sure what is going on. Basically the new customers are random characters (adfsad*&FSFs FDSHJFHWE) with similar details but with real email addresses. And each email address is different. All I can figure is the site will generate a 'welcome' email back to that email address but not sure what that will achieve. I have had no customer response saying 'i didn't sign up' or anything like that. Considering my signup page is a little different to a default oscommerce page in that it uses 'tabs', I am not sure its some sort of automated script to generate new customers and all I can think is someone is use some SQL injection to insert customers. But I cannot see what gain there is. Everyday I go through and delete the accounts. They are never logging in. I'm going to disable my new customer page by renaming create_account.php for a few days, this will stop both legit customers but maybe this scammer as well. If they still get created it points to a SQL injection i guess? Anyone come across this before? Thanks Scott
  5. Scottyj

    Paymate Support Thread

    Sometimes is smarter to investigate before writing :) I had the remove_idle_order.php function in the wrong directory, I uploaded it to ext/paymate not ext/paymate/functions (despite creating functions). I think that will be the problem as it would have removed the first order. Hopefully that fixes the second problem as well. Cheers :)
  6. Scottyj

    Paymate Support Thread

    Hi all, I realise there is not much activity on this thread but thought I would have a go. I've just installed the Paymate SPI module and everything seemed to go fairly well except for the follow couple of issues. 1. I have 2 orders created in the system when someone pays with Paymate. The first order has a status of Prepayment, the second is Pending. It looks like the system creates the first order and once its paid, recreates the order as a second copy (this one has the transaction ID and status filled in). Does anyone else have this happen? What I would have thought would have happened is an order is created (Prepayment), customer pays (or not, maybe they forgot to click Confirm), and the order either changes status or remains. I suspect after calling paymate_checkout_preprocess.php its calling checkout_process.php (Hence creating the 2nd order) and then finishing. 2. The order email that is sent to the customer and myself had an order number of 0, despite the system having (2) orders with the correct order number (in this case 2609/2610, see above). Could this order number error be related to above? I'm fairly comfortable with php and going to start investigating now, but just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue and if they have fixed it or not. Thanks Scott
  7. Hey Dan, which host are you with? I was having a similar problem after moving to a new server (didn't know at the time it didn't support Options +FollowSymLinks) but tonight I just got it working, so I may be able to help?