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  1. Hello All,


    I do not know if anyone can help me or if indeed this contribution can help me.


    I need to be able to have some categories in my store in rows and coloum's i currently have it set to 4x4. However i also need on category to

    just display the products in a list. Does anyone know if this is possible ?


    Thanks in Advance Alex

  2. Hello,


    I am having a spot of trouble. I have just discovered Link Manager was by default part of my Creloaded installation, which was great news. However after adding a couple of links to the system i am having some trouble basically :


    When i try and submit my site to other sites ( For Example http://www.picturesongold.com/links/addlink.php ) as a link partner there system checks the link page of my site

    ( http://www.thecharmworks.com/catalog/links.php?lPath=3 ) but states that there is no link to there site on the page. I at first thought this was the click redirect system hiding the link so i turned if off but the site above and several others automated link submission system says that i have not linked to there sites when i have. Any ideas ???



    Thanks Alex

  3. As the instructions state i would just goto and https page on your site. Then click the padlock and under more information if should give you the whole link to paste into the script ( you should not need to edit anything - it should just be a cut and paste ? ).


    If its not like this i would contact your provider, my seal was provided by Rapid SSL.


    Hope this helps.



  4. Hello All,

    I am looking for some help. I have tried my best to find an answer on this thread but its sooo long ! ( Is there a way of searching the thread ? )


    I am trying to get my items listed on both Google Base UK / Google Base US. I have spoken to google and they say that this is fine. I have sent up two feeds one to each site, with the correct currencies. They have both been accepted, however google have told me the that the "ID" for an item in both feeds need to be different, i.e each feed needs to give each product a different id. I hope that makes sense. Does anyone know how to do this ?


    Thanks Alex

  5. I am going to answer my own questions just incase anyone has the same problem. If running a custom template you need to add the the line " require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'rapidssl_seal.php');" to the column_left.php file in your template folder.


    Also if you just copy the php file to the boxes sub folder of your template you can add it through the infoxbox configure in the admin section of OSC and move it to the correct place on your template. Hope this helps. Thanks for the contribution philip !!


    Alex xx

  6. Hello All,

    I am wondering exactly the same. I standard nochex customer and i used the nochex module that comes with creloaded ( Is this the same module ? ). It directed to the Nochex branded payment page.


    However now i have a merchant account. I have set my payment page up but the module still shows the same nochex branded payment page. Any ideas or help ?


    Thanks Alex

  7. Hello All, I have just tried to install this on CreLoaded. I did all as per the installation instructions, but i just dont get an option under the reports menu ? Does any one have any ideas of give me any help on this ? Has anyone got it working on Creloaded ?


    I initially installed V2.02 but with nothing showing up i upgraded to the MS2.REV0. I definitely installed the full package. Only things that was different was the reports.php file was formatted a little bit differently but i think i modified it correctly ? Any ideas ? A link to my reports.php file is at the end.


    Thanks Alex




  8. Hello All, I have just installed and set up batch print and its super !


    I have fixed up an order template but i am having a bit of trouble removing some of the columns. Basically none of my items attract tax so i don't need 4 price columns. As you can see in the attached image i just managed to get rid of the column by just commenting them out. However how to i get the columns i have justified to the right ? Thanks Alex



  9. Hello,

    A couple of quick questions before i decide to install great this contribution.

    1) Does it have the ability to do a bulk invoice print ? - If not does it work with the "Batch Order Print" contribution to enable one to do this ?

    2) Is anyone running this with CreLoaded ? Any problems ?

    Thanks Alex