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  1. chap

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Great contribution! I just installed this Add-on, it's great, and is the easiest install! All add-ons should be this easy to install! I installed this Add-on because I wanted to be able to change a product's price to a negative value. But, simply changing the price to a negative value doesn't have the desired outcome. Example: I have an order in OSC. This order has Product1 and Product2 in it. Product1 is normally $20, and Product2 is $29.99. I go into Order Editor and change Product1's cost to negative $40. The total SHOULD be negative $10.01. But the total is $69.98. Also, if the calculation for the total uses absolute values, the total should be $69.99, why is it $69.98? Help please, thanks! Chap
  2. Hi! Thanks to both of you! I'll look into those contributions, thanks! Chap
  3. Hi, Is there a contribution that allows the admin to upload multiple attachments to a product? Similarily to what you can do on most forums these day. What I want to do is not only have multiple images for a product, but also PDFs of instruction manuals, zip files with additional information...etc. Thanks! Chap
  4. Does the Checkout Without Account 0.55 (http://www.oscommerce.com/downloads.php/contributions,555/type,3) work with the new checkout procedure? Thanks! CHap
  5. chap

    PayPal IPN?

    I think what Carl meant was that Paypal now uses a string of characters and not a email address. Carl, I think the sign-ups referrals still work with email addresses. I don't know if it'll work, but Pablo, I have a suggestion: right now the database depreciated when someone checks out and proceeds to checkout. How about creating a new table in the database that stores the checkout info, and when IPN returns a "confirm", then info from the new table is transferred to the products/order tables.
  6. Hi, I don't know if this has been made available by someone else, if so :oops: , if not- then here goes: To allow people that just sign up to have access to the discount for members (meaning: you as the administrator does not have to manually flag a customer as a "member") add this line to /catalog/create_account_process.php: Replace (line 2 hundred something): 'customers_default_address_id' => 1); With: // begin edit to auto flag for discount for DISCOUNT FOR MEMBERS 'customers_default_address_id' => 1, 'member_flag' => 1); // end edit to auto flag for DISCOUNT FOR MEMBERS Bye!
  7. chap

    Finding contributions is frustrating

    When can we look forward to 2.2? I can hardly wait! When 2.2 is released, how about assigning a volunteer to test out the contributions/mods for compatibility before they are posted making qualified mods to be "offical". There would still be unoffical mods, but labeled as "use at your own risk" type of thing. Maybe even set guidelines for mods. I like the way PhpBB does their mods, maybe somethign like that. Chap
  8. chap

    PayPal IPN?

    I thought using the Paypal IPN meant that nothing get's processed until you get an OK from Paypal. Meaning your inventory should only be effected if the order goes through, right?
  9. how does this mod effect the "download" option in OSC? Don't OSC require you to have an account in order to download the files you bought?
  10. Hi! In the old mailing list there was a topic about making an ebay interface, was there any progress on it? I've playing around with fsockopen in php. But it requires me to already know the url to the item, which makes automation difficult. And I still haven't figured out how to parse the entire ebay page for info, any help on this? Paypal has this Automatic Logos you insert into your auctions. When the auction is over, the logo turns into this checkout button where buyer follows to pay for the item at paypal.com. Could something like this be done for OSC? Altering paypal's auto logo, you can have variables sent to OSC via a url. Then there needs to be a page where these variables is turned into a product/item and put into the shopping cart. Winning multiple auctions would mean having to insert multiple items into the cart. ... just a thought, fsocket is really a headache. Thanks for your time! Chap