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  1. gilesw

    PLEASE HELP OPTIONS & Custom computer creator

    wow that's exactly what i was planning on creating myself with drop downs and image swaps! just like http://www.kustompcs.co.uk/sysbuilder.php
  2. gilesw

    BTSv1.2 Support

    I noticed the css fluid file looked fine in ie but not in firefox. the central column was different. margin-right seems to fix this. mainlayout.css div#middleFrame { position: absolute; top: 95px; margin: 0px; min-height: 500px; /* no go IE */ left: 173px; /* the fluid content is 100% minus these margins wide */ right: 173px; margin-right:14px; }
  3. gilesw

    Easypopulate Data File Tools

    a ha i see you've already added the ability to specify your own fields rather than take them from the file and because my script only updates prices which match a model number in the database any branding or categories that get read in won't effect the db :) one thing i had to change was in :- import_data $ep_record[$ep_x['EOREOR'][1]-1] = LINE_TERM; to $ep_record[$ep_x['EOREOR'][1]] = LINE_TERM; because it wrote over the data in the second (of 2) fields of data that i use.. file_lib.php //easy sync mod remove this check if (file_exists(!$filename)) stopped files being written over. anydo's it looks like it's going to be easy peasy thanx to your fine piece of work. g.
  4. gilesw

    Easypopulate Data File Tools

    sorry about all that i don't know why i downloaded that old version, it may have been from when i was collecting potential modules a while back. I'm actually using your mod for a price syncronization mod where u can download supplier price lists and update the cost field in your db and use margin to calculate the price. It's working really well apart from the nasty datafiles i get from our suppliers.. 1 file has 2 lines of advertising at the start and the other doesn't have the field names at all. i can manually get this one to process by adding my own field line but the data itself has gaps with categories which your data importer uses as products. Would i be best to process the file as part of the dataimporter or to use one of your post pre scripts, essentially all it needs is some check whether there are the right number of fields. anyway tx again for a great mod. g. B)
  5. gilesw

    Easypopulate Data File Tools

    I've probably missed some vital functionality point but what are these binary files for ? edft edft2.txt... g.
  6. gilesw

    Easypopulate Data File Tools

    ah i got the example data set to work adding an underscore to product_number g.
  7. gilesw

    Easypopulate Data File Tools

    I'm having real problems with the script. common_config.php is this supposed to be renamed to common.config ? the readme reads like these config files are already contained in the zip. Some of the files have <? php at the start and the space gives and error. some have <?php missing. are they supposed to ? The only script i'm testing it with is import_data.php which is refusing to work even with the default data file and no modifications. please help :blink: g.
  8. ########## CATALOG/INCLUDES/LANGUAGES/ENGLISH.PHP ########## Add this to admin/includes/languages/english.php define('IMAGE_BUTTON_PRINT_ORDER', 'Order printable'); this should be minus admin/ the images seem to vary between print_order.gif and printorder.gif great mod though, mouseovers are a bit uneccessary though i think. I'd like to be able to print direct from the confirm page too without the popup. whats the purpose of payment_info btw? g,
  9. gilesw

    Template System for MS2

    Is your template system connected to the basic template structure ? If you guys are doing the same thing maybe you could combine your efforts.. + are either templates linked to http://www.w3design.ca/osccss/forum/index.php
  10. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_output_warning() in /usr/www/html/catalog/templates/warnings.tpl.php on line 23 this was thrown up because my configure.php was writable... g.