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  1. Anyone? I don't know where to start looking. If someone can guide me on which files to check, I'd truly appreciate it. Thanks, Leibtek
  2. Hi Everyone, I just installed v4.4, and my checkout_shipping.php, doesn't bring up any shipping options! Please help! Thank you, Leibtek
  3. Leibtek

    Weight Shipping

    I need some help with Shipping weight as well. I am using the Table Rate module. My products, all have a weight from 1-2 (1.00,1.25...) but nothing higher. The problem is, that each cart starts with a weight of 3, and then adds in the product weight. For instance if I add a 1 product that it's weight is 1, then my carts total weight would be 4! If I add another one, my cart will weigh 5. Where is those 3 coming from? How can I get rid of it? Thanks, Leibtek
  4. Leibtek

    Attribute Qty Product Info

    That's correct, and that's how I figured out my problem. I was originally following the included instructions text file, and there it has it as "'b[]'". Leibtek
  5. Leibtek

    Attribute Qty Product Info

    I downloaded the latest version today. The zip file is Att_Qty_Product_Info_3.zip. This is from the included instructions file: ***Editing Histoty**** 10/24/2006 - by Jack_mcs - Fixed bugs so it now works correctly 7/19/2005 -CHANGED APPLICATION TOP CODE/WAS NOT ADDING PRODUCTS W/OUT ATTRIBUTES. ***END EDITING HISTORY*** Thanks.
  6. Leibtek

    Attribute Qty Product Info

    One more comment here... In the instructions txt file, there is a typo in the code causing the attributes not to be added to the cart correctly - no attribute would be displayed, and the product price would be that of the product not, of the attribute. This is the original text: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Around Line 138 (listing the attributes in table form): Find: $products_options_array[] = array('id' => $products_options['products_options_values_id'], 'text' => $products_options['products_options_values_name']); if ($products_options['options_values_price'] != '0') { $products_options_array[sizeof($products_options_array)-1]['text'] .= ' (' . $products_options['price_prefix'] . $currencies->display_price($products_options['options_values_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($product_info['products_tax_class_id'])) .') '; Under this ADD ( before the } ): if ($products_options['price_prefix'] == '+') { $price_with_attribute = ($product_info['products_price'] + $products_options['options_values_price']); } else { $price_with_attribute = ($product_info['products_price'] - $products_options['options_values_price']); } ?> <tr> <td class="main" align="center"> <?php echo $products_options['products_options_values_name']; echo tep_draw_hidden_field('a[]', $products_options['products_options_values_id']); echo tep_draw_hidden_field('b[]',$products_options_name['products_options_id']); ?> </td> <td class="main" align="center"> <?php /* uncomment if you want to show the model number echo $product_info['products_model']; */ ?> </td> <td class="main" align="center"><?php echo $currencies->display_price($price_with_attribute, tep_get_tax_rate($product_info['products_tax_class_id'])); ?></td> <td class="main" align="center"><?php echo tep_draw_input_field('quantity[]',$value = '0',"size=2");?></td> </tr> <?php $x++; This line - echo tep_draw_hidden_field('b[]',$products_options_name['products_options_id']); ?> </td> Needs to be changed to this - echo tep_draw_hidden_field('b',$products_options_name['products_options_id']); ?> </td> I found the fix in the package products_info.php's file. Thanks.
  7. Leibtek

    Attribute Qty Product Info

    Great Contribution! I have one modification. After installing this contribution, the attributes that didn't have a price change, wouldn't show up. All I did was change the "0" to a null in the if clause, and it worked. Here is the change: In the products_info.php file, Find - if ($products_options['options_values_price'] != '0') { And change it to - if ($products_options['options_values_price'] != '') { Thanks!
  8. Split the file. As long as you keep the same model number, EP will not duplicate the item, it will update any changes.
  9. Hi, I am using the 2.76c version. I used the Froogle Export feature and uploaded the file to google. Everything went well except I received an email from google, saying that I am using old fields. Here is the email: Is there a fix on that? Thank You, Leibtek
  10. Leibtek


    Thanks Vger for such a wonderful put together contribution. I have one small problem. The emails generated from this contribution (such as Gift Voucher purchase notifications, etc), have a messed up "From" field. The field is supposed to read "Store.com Customer Service" Instead it says "Store.com.Customer.Service@linhostssl14.prod.mesa1.secureserver.net" And yes, I know you don't like them but for now I'm stuck there - GoDaddy! I don't have this problem with any other emails generated from OSC. Thank You, Leibtek
  11. Leibtek

    Google Sitemap Contribution

    The latest one created on Oct 22, 2006 I looked at my Cpanel status, but I couldn't find any SEO url's in there... Thanks for educating me on that, I will get to work on that right away. I understood that I should use the "Header Tag Controller" contribution. Thank You for the reply, Leibtek
  12. Hi All, I recently installed Chemo's Ultimate SEO URL's contribution, which I think works fine, although I have a question about that (see below). I have just finished installing the Google XML Sitemap W/ Admin contribution. 1. The xml files generated, still have the old default url's not the SEO url's. 2. I noticed when watching google's bot (with Who's Online Enhanced) that the url's it is accessing is slightly different than a visitor's. A visiter's url would look like this "/diamond-cross-pendant-p-229.html" and Google's Bot's url for the same page would look like this "/diamond-cross-pendant-p-229%5C%5C%5C%5C%5C%5C%5C%22%5C%22%22%22". They both get me to the same page, but Google will get turned off with such an url. 3. I read alot here on the forums about a "header tag contribution". I would like to know how necessary it is. and which contribution to use. Any Suggestions? Thank You, Leibtek
  13. Leibtek

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Well they did cause a problem you know. What is your hosting company? ... you never know I might come your way one day. :D Leibtek