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  1. rabel

    authorize.net won't display errors

    Oh boy, I've been struggling with this same problem where authorize.net would not display errors for the better part of a day. I thought I'd post MY experience so as to maybe help someone else in the future who has the same problem. * My problems started after I had a server crash (bad blocks on the HD) * I had to re-install the O/S but all my osCommerce files and what-not were fine. Once the O/S was re-installed (without formatting the drive, obviously) everything came back up as expected. osCommerce was working just fine for my site, including SSL and my mail server, and my VoIP server, and all sorts of other custom configuration stuff that I have on my server. Oh, I self-host with commercial cable modem service and static IP address at my house. The only issue I had was that now, nobody could process a payment through osCommerce. The problem manifested itself as first of all, a message from what would have been a customer who said he could not buy my product because the payment screen would just take him back to the checkout confirmation page without processing his payment. Next, I was trying to see if there was a problem and I was having the same issue as in this thread, that I would get returned to the checkout confirmation page without any error message about why the payment was denied. AIM settings were all still correct, I've processed many orders successfully over the last couple of years. It was only after the server crash that orders stopped happening even though everything else seemed to be working just fine. ANYWAY, after many frustrating hours of looking through these threads and digging up obscure documentation for PHP, mySQL, etc. I finally FIGURED IT OUT. I know most everyone here has been through this sort of frustration and then, when you get it work, the immense sense of relief. Whew! :) The solution turned out to be my server hostname. When re-installing the O/S, it asked for a hostname and I just put in the usual server names I always use, which is ex-girlfriends first names. I have Sarah, Kelli, Lisa, etc. as various servers around the house :). Well, of course when using SSL, one must use the PROPER host name, specifically my domain name. Furthermore, after changing the hostname via commandline: "hostname NEW_HOSTNAME" (which is not permanent, by the way), you must ALSO restart your web server. So, the moral of this story is, make sure your hostname is set properly to what authorize.net and your SSL cert are expecting.
  2. I've been lurking on this thread, but I gotta pipe up and mention that the frenchybee site looks fantastic. I hope you don't mind if I steal some ideas for my own site! In exchange, I noticed you use a number of mods to track site hits and what not. Has everyone started using Google Analytics yet? It's absolutely fantastic and free: http://www.google.com/analytics/
  3. I have it working just fine. From the latest posts on this discussion board, I'd recommend that only those who are familiar with PHP and fairly technical utilize this contribution. It's a very good contribution and I'm disappointed that the author has taken a commercial approach, but it does work quite well even if you do not pay for it. I'd make a donation to the author but I'm uncomfortable with some of the things I've read here.
  4. rabel

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Can any of you discuss with me how I might go about implementing multiple pages of content for a single product? I would like to have the same basic layout, with the tricky part being the "add to cart" button on the bottom of each of the information pages. I just want to have multiple pages of content for each product. I'm fairly handy with PHP and I could certainly brute-force it, but I'm hoping for a more elegant solution if someone could just push me in the right direction. Like I mentioned, the tricky part is maintaining the "add to cart" button. Perhaps some way to populate multiple $content values and picking which one to display based on the url? When the user clicks on a product it would always take them to the first page and then they could navigate to the additional information pages from there. Thanks!
  5. Quick Bump for any new installs: If you're not seeing images in your new installation, complete the ImageMagic installation by: creating /thumbnails/images and chmoding both directories 777. This isn't mentioned in the docs and it doesn't appear to create the directories for you (at least not on my server)
  6. Curses! I'm upgrading from 1.4 to 2.0 and am having a bit of a challenge trying to figure out which changes apply to my 1.4 installation. I started out installing 1.4a, but when I determined that it only worked with dollar value discounts, I backed it out to 1.4. This may be part of my problem with the confusing upgrade path. While making changes to admin/includes/languages/english/coupons.php I'm coming across changes that I have in my version of the file, that are not in the 2.0 version of the file. For example, these defines are in my 1.4 version of this file, but are not in the 2.0 version: define('TEXT_DISCOUNT_COUPONS_ID_HINT', '(This is the code given to the customer. Leave blank to generate a random code.)'); define('TEXT_DISCOUNT_COUPONS_PERCENT_HINT', '(Enter a decimal percent. eg ".15" instead of "15" or "15%")'); define('TEXT_DISCOUNT_COUPONS_MAX_USE_HINT', '(Maximum number of times a customer may use this code. Leave blank or enter 0 for unlimited.)'); This is a very minor issue since it looks like you've just removed the hint defines, but it makes me paranoid since the removal of these lines isn't mentioned in the manual upgrade instructions.
  7. This is a great contribution! Quick comment on the updated 2.0 "upgrade_from_ot_discount_coupon_codes_1.4.txt" upgrade instructions text: In the database changes section, you may want to determine what the proper order is for the coupons_max_order field changes. It's obvious what needs to be done when one is making the changes, but you might be able to avoid questions in the future if you can figure out the requirements for the ADD COLUMN or CHANGE statement. In my case, I didn't have the max_order field although i've been using the contribution successfully. In any event, great contribution and thanks for all your hard work!
  8. rabel

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I'm not exactly certain what your question is, but I thought I'd pop in here and mention a couple of things that may get you going in the right direction to fix this. The value of $content comes from /catalog/includes/languages/<language>/<pagename>.php in whatever is defined for TEXT_INFORMATION. Here are my notes about how to create a NEW page, but it will help with editing existing pages as well: Copy an existing page from catalog/ such as ?about.php? to <newpage>.php Copy an existing page from catalog/includes/languages/english such as ?about.php? to <newpage>.php (optional) Create a custom STS layout by copying /catalog/includes/sts_templates/<templatename>/ such as about.php.htm to <newpage>.php.htm Modify /catalog/filenames.php by adding <newpage> file definition Modify /catalog/includes/languages/English/<newpage>.php with new text Modify catalog/<newpage>.php to reference new definition from filenames.php Obviously, steps 2 and 5 would be repeated for other languages. Hope this helps!
  9. rabel

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Definately! This is a great contribution.
  10. rabel

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I just went through the Update process for a modified osC store to install STS v4.2 and Header Tags Controller 2.5.9. Everything works quite well on the STS side of this contribution. My store is only slightly modified with only the AIM payment module contribution and upgrades to the latest osC 060817 update. Some notes on my install: The HTC portion of this installation is somewhat clunky. You'll need to: Be very careful making the HTC code changes, especially to catalog/admin/categories.php Add code to includes/header_tags.php Copy includes/function/clean_html_comments.php from the clean_osc directories 1) for the categories.php changes, only copy in the //HTC labeled changes. The version of categories.php that was used was prior to the 051112 update and there where a lot of changes in that update. 2) Add to the top of includes/header_tags.php, just before the first "require" line require(DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS . 'clean_html_comments.php'); You can find this in the clean_osc version of this file, but not in the update version. 3) Move the includes/function/clean_html_comments.php file from the clean_osc directories. Who knows what else isn't working as I haven't been using this mod yet. I thought I'm make a post for others to benefit from my pain. :thumbsup: STS is extremely cool though, well worth the effort to learn how it works.
  11. You've made a committment to the community! You have to support this contribution in perpetuity and make all suggested modifications as suggested by complete strangers from the internet with goals different from your own! :P Ok, just kidding. Thank you for your contribution, it's a very good one. I may take on this modification myself then, so there. In the mean time, I'll just hard code this message in my shop until I can come up with an elegant solution, and research the tax and shipping issues. Thank you again for making this AIM payment module. It's working quite well for me and I appreciate your efforts.
  12. Any suggestions on an elegant method of changing the "Payment Method" text sent to the customer on order? Currently it says: Payment Method ------------------------------------------------------ Authorize.net AIM May I suggest that this text be modifyable in the AIM module configuration? I can make a hack for this, but I'd like a more elegant solution if possible. I think I'd rather have it say, "Discover Card" or "VISA" or even "VISA ending in 1234", but if nothing else, it could just say "Credit Card". My customers don't know what the heck Authorize.net AIM is.
  13. (Replying to my own post... sorry. Can't get EDIT to work for some reason) ====================================== Upon further review, it looks like this module is sending invoice#: 1 for every transaction, and neurobotic's fix will correct that. An additional question: I'm still working in TEST mode, but the e-mail confirmation I receive from my gateway shows the proper invoice total amount, but it does not have any entries for TAX or Freight. Here's what I'm sending: --- From osC Order Process e-mail sent to osC administrator: Products ------------------------------------------------------ 1 x Cold Drip Coffee Maker (CSCD-10010) = $99.00 CSCD Color Brown Wood / Silver Trim ------------------------------------------------------ Sub-Total: $99.00 Flat Rate (Best Way): $5.00 TX TAX 6.25%: $6.19 Total: $110.19 --- From Payment gateway's confirmation e-mail to store administrator: ========= ORDER INFORMATION ========= Invoice : 1 Description : Cold Drip Coffee Maker(qty: 1) Amount : 110.19 (USD) Payment Method : MasterCard Type : Authorization and Capture ======= ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ====== Tax : Duty : Freight : Tax Exempt : PO Number : ---------- Will the Tax and Freight show up when I move to LIVE mode?
  14. One problem is that if there is more than one customer going through the order process at the same time, they could possibly be assigned the same invoice number. I'm not completely familiar with the osC code, but I'm wondering if anyone has thought about that? Also, as Xrisma asked earlier in this thread, this modification is necessary to avoid some additional authorize.net charges that apply if one does not include an invoice number, correct?