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    sonictrip.net got a reaction from einstein316 in Multi-Site, Multi-Store e-commerce option   
    It's one of the hardest and most time consuming mods to add to an existing few stores. I recently did it for a client who has 5 seperate osCommerce stores and it took 2 weeks just to modify his existing files and template files etc. to work with it and another 2 weeks of testing just to iron out all the bugs from his company specific requirements for the way he wanted it to work which included keeping the customers tables seperate, having reports added for each stores sales per month and a few other standard mods. What an ordeal, i completely undercharged him by atleast 50% ! But atleast next time i'll be able to do it quicker...
    It's definitely worth it in the end though and worth the try if you're installing on a new store or an unmodified store which would take way less time...! www.thegizmoshop.net is my version of his store if you're interested to see what's possible with the Multi Store mod :)
    If anyone is looking for it installed and configured etc. PM me!