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    Newsletter products, HTML email

    Everything seems to be working here now since i changed the links generated and added new catalog links to configure.php especially for the newsletter mod (i'd say this only affects shared SSL accounts). Some additions to this mod that i would love to see (as would many others im sure): 1. It would be excellent to be able to select which customers you want to send the newsletter to instead of the current "send to all customers or none" option. This way, you could tailor make newsletters based on a customers needs and send them instant info on certain products they are looking for. This would save many people the hassle of emailing certain product info to individual customers and having to copy/paste info and images into an email. This is a BIG deal for a lot of companies ive done osC sites for and having this option in the newsletter mod would be a huge time saver... The only way around this currently is to preview a newsletter, view the source code and copy everything between <HTML> </HTML> and past this into Outlook Express to send from there, which works really well but its too fiddly for the average client... 2. Having the ability to add a certan amount of the product description to each product in the newsletter. This is one option that should have been there from the start! How many newsletters do you see from companies that just have the image, product name and price? None... They all have descriptions as well. This seems to be a fairly important feature to have on any newsletter mod. Other than those two things, this is such an excellent mod, its the one mod ive come across that most companies are interested in getting! Thanks to the developers for this one! :)
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    STS - Popup images not working

    Hi, im having a similar problem with STS only the popup is working but its showing a blank template file in a small box. When i stretch the window, i can see my normal template file without any content where the $content tag would be. It's not showing the actual popup_image.php template file for some reason, am i missing a file or some code somewhere? Thanks. Here's a link to a product page: http://heronblu.com/catalog/product_info.p...e/women-style-1 I have a few mods installed such as SEO URLs and Maxi DVD extra images mod. SPPC is installed too and Easy Populate.
  3. sonictrip.net

    Flash in oscommerce

    Could someone please explain how to do this? im also interested in doing this for a client... Thing about this client is they sell customised shirts so they want to have a flash file as the main (or medium) image file with the various different attribute images turning on and off on the the main image. So, you click a certain type of collar, cuff or pocket etc and the attribute images in the flash file change on the main image as you pick and choose them. There also needs to be a way to send the attribute selections back to oscommerce so that when the add to cart button is clicked, the product is added to the cart with the selected attributes from the flash file properly added to the product. Sorry to hijack this thread but it is a cool extension on the normal flash image file scenario that would make oscommerce a million times better! How could this even be possible to do? Could you use a certain url string to set the attributes? Or what other ways could you go about this? Oscommerce integration into flash would be ideal...
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    Article Manager v1.0

    This drove me nuts for a few days but of course after reading most of the posts on this thread i finally came across the issue that a few others seem to be having as well. It's so simple, nothing to do with the code in articles.php or anything... People that are finding that the admin side of articles is working perfectly but no articles are appearing on the catalog side have setup the articles the wrong way. You have created "new articles" inside the root but what you are supposed to do is "create topic" first and then create "new article" inside the new topic. When you go to www.yoursite.com/articles.php you'll now see the articles being listed where it was blank before! :lol:
  5. Hello all, Im in the middle of making a clothing store website for a client and they want to be able to store customers sizes in the database and then when the customer is buying for one of their family, they just need to select the name of the family member and it retrieves the relevant sizing information. Is there a mod out there that already does this? See, its a designer shirt store so thats why they want to store the sizes, its not just a case of storing 1 value that says XL or 2XL etc. they want to be able to save all the attribute sizes coz they would have Size, Fitting, Length, Bust Size, Cuff Style, Collar Style etc. They also want to be able to split the attributes up into different pages (coz there will be too many attributes in each attribute option) like this website: http://www.kjbeckettbespokeshirts.com/bespoke-shirts.htm Is there a mod available that can split the attributes up into multiple pages like the different checkout steps only on each step you're picking a different attribute? Thanks for any help! :) Here's a link to the dev site: http://www.heronblu.com/catalog
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    Option Type Feature v1.6 (for osc 2.2 MS2)

    Hi, could someone please tell me if this mod could be made to work like the attributes on this site: http://www.kjbeckettbespokeshirts.com/bespoke-shirts.htm It's a website selling shirts. First you select your fabric, then you enter a 6 step selection of attributes, one set of attribbutes on each step or each page. Is this possible to do with this mod or woth any other oscommerce mod? Thanks.
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    Newsletter products, HTML email

    Another problem im facing with this mod is editing the text content and title of a newsletter. When ive already entered the title and text content of a newletter and hit save, everything seems fine. But when i try to edit the newsletter again, the title is blank and the text content is blank so that ive to enter it in all over again, why is it not retrieving the info i entered in already? Thanks.
  8. sonictrip.net

    Newsletter products, HTML email

    Hi all, with regard to the wrong link being produced and the wrong images being displayed, this bit of code seems to be responsible for controlling those two things, lines 152 and 153 from admin/includes.modules/newsletters/newsletter_products.php: <a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'products_id=' . $this->productsInfo[$i]['products_id']) . '" style="' . $cssLink . '">' . tep_image(HTTP_CATALOG_SERVER_EMAIL . DIR_WS_CATALOG_IMAGES_EMAIL . $this->productsInfo[$i]['products_image'], $this->productsInfo[$i]['products_name'], 150) . '<br>' . $this->productsInfo[$i]['products_name'] . '</a> The link that gets generated is one that points to the admin site instead of the catalog which must be caused by tep_href_link so i'd like to be able to substitute that link with a new define in configure.php which points to my catalog site, its called HTTP_CATALOG_SERVER_EMAIL. How would i rewrite the above bit of code to use this variable instead of tep_href_link ? Also, with regard to the images, how would i get it to pull the MaxiDVD imagecache thumbnail images instead of the BIG images which get scaled down the old oscommerce way? Thanks for any help...
  9. sonictrip.net

    Newsletter products, HTML email

    Got it to work by putting the define in application_top.php... Having problems trying to get it to work with MaxiDVD images mod, how would i get it to rip the imagecache images instead of the original images? Also, the links being generated on the images are linking to my admin site instead of the catalog site, how would i change that? Thanks, great mod!
  10. sonictrip.net

    Newsletter products, HTML email

    Hi, I saw something about this error earlier in the thread but it wasnt too specific on how to fix the problem: 1146 - Table 'independentoffers_ie.table_newsletters_to_products' doesn't exist select products_id from TABLE_NEWSLETTERS_TO_PRODUCTS where newsletters_id = '4' [TEP STOP] I tried making sure the define was added to database_tables.php but still that error pops up... any ideas? From ms2.2 on, is there another file other than database_tables.php that needs the db tables defined in it as well? Thanks.
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    Ok, managed to fix the pdf upload problem by moving the PDF Upload code back a few lines in categories.php. Had to turn off PHP image manager though which isnt really ideal coz that PHP image manager is feckin deadly! But the PDF upload is working with the normal upload method. So now im having a problem with max file size on PDF's, looks like it has problems uploading 4MB or 5MB PDFs, just says that nothing uploaded even though you're waiting ages as if it is uploading... anyone know how to increase the max file size for PDF's?
  12. sonictrip.net

    Problems with PDF Upload and Display

    I had a problem like this too and found out it was to do with the positioning of the code in admin/categories.php when i moved the first bit of the pdfupload code back a few lines it seemed to sort everything out... was also to do with the SPPC mod code being in among the pdfupload code but moving it back sorted it... Im now just having a problem uploading bigger PDFs that are around 3, 4MB or more in size, they dont seem to upload...
  13. sonictrip.net

    Affiliate Contributions

    So, does anyone know what the best Affiliate mod to use would be? Thanks.
  14. sonictrip.net

    Affiliate Contributions

    Bump, can someone recommend a good affiliate mod to use please???? There's a good few of them and im not sure which one is the best!
  15. sonictrip.net

    PDF File Upload and Display

    Did none of you have problems with the uploading of your PDF files? My PDF's dont seem to upload when i finish creating a new product but the link appears on the product description in the main site with a broken link, anyone have any idea why thats happening?
  16. sonictrip.net

    PDF File Upload and Display

    Hey Genius, how did you make the delete PDF button? :-"
  17. sonictrip.net

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    Has Chemo (author of this mod) really been banned? Why does it say that under his name? I cant wait for v3 of this mod and cant understand why a talented coder like Chemo would be banned????
  18. sonictrip.net

    Flash front-end for osCommerce?

    Excellent, i've been thinking of doing this for ages! But there wasnt enough info online about it, might just check out this STS template thing, sounds like thats all i need, sweeeet :thumbsup:
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    Realex Payments & Laser Cards

    At last we have a SOLUTION to the Laser card problem: This bit of text is in the Realex Zip file, only the version that i downloaded from the osCommerce site doesn't have the Laser card text file, so here it is: If you wish to process lasercards you will need to add this bit of code to the cc_validation.php file in OS Commerce. Look for file called cc_validation.php if (ereg('^4[0-9]{12}([0-9]{3})?$', $this->cc_number)) { $this->cc_type = 'Visa'; } elseif (ereg('^5[1-5][0-9]{14}$', $this->cc_number)) { $this->cc_type = 'Master Card'; } elseif (ereg('^6', $this->cc_number)) { $this->cc_type = 'LASER'; } elseif (ereg('^56, $', $this->cc_number)) { $this->cc_type = 'LASER'; } elseif (ereg('^3[47][0-9]{13}$', $this->cc_number)) { $this->cc_type = 'American Express'; } elseif (ereg('^3(0[0-5]|[68][0-9])[0-9]{11}$', $this->cc_number)) { $this->cc_type = 'Diners Club'; } elseif (ereg('^6011[0-9]{12}$', $this->cc_number)) { $this->cc_type = 'Discover'; } elseif (ereg('^(3[0-9]{4}|2131|1800)[0-9]{11}$', $this->cc_number)) { $this->cc_type = 'JCB'; } elseif (ereg('^5610[0-9]{12}$', $this->cc_number)) { $this->cc_type = 'Australian BankCard'; } else { return -1; } Im sure this will help a lot of Irish people! :thumbsup:
  20. Hi all, I have the Realex payment gateway setup and working on an osC store for Visa and Mastercard. When i try to pay with a Laser card, i get the usual error: Realex supports Laser Cards so it should be accepting all numbers that begin with 6304 but before the order is even sent to the Realex servers, osC gives me that error code. Do i need to disable cc_validation or something? There wouldnt be a need for it on osC if Realex authorizes everything in realtime... Is there anyone thats able to accept Laser Cards with the Realex system? cheers.
  21. sonictrip.net

    Realex Payments & Laser Cards

    Ok, i got some info from BOI and AIB about the BIN ranges for Laser cards but i still dont know how to write the proper php code to validate it. BOI just told me that all their Laser cards begin with 630490 and AIB sent me a whole list of BIN's including the ones i think are Laser: Laser AIB: 630490999999630490000000E016YYNW372ZTHE GOVERNOR AND COMPANY OF TH 630495199999630495100000E016YYNW372ZCLYDESDALE BANK PLC. 630495999999630495000000E011YYNW372ZCLYDESDALE BANK PLC. 630498999999630498000000E013YNNW372ZNATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK PLC 630499999999630499000000E013YNNW372ZIRISH LIFE AND PERMANENT PLC So, with the above information, is it possible to rewrite another cards code to reflect the number ranges above?: if (ereg('^4[0-9]{12}([0-9]{3})?$', $this->cc_number)) { $this->cc_type = 'Visa'; All Laser cards can have up to 19 numbers, if that can be included in the code as well somehow?
  22. sonictrip.net

    [Contribution] InfoPages_v0.1

    Ok, ive been doing some searching after installing this contrib and getting blank pages on the catalog side and figure that this mod is redundant. The posts go back as far as 2003 and there have been other mods since which are way more up to date Check out Information Pages Unlimited. Latest version is v2.03 last time i checked... Information Pages Unlimited v2 The support thread is here: Support for Information Pages Unlimited Cant be too sure how stable this version is but it seems to be a more active thread... gonna try installing it now
  23. sonictrip.net

    Realex Payments & Laser Cards

    Ok, it seems we just need to rewrite the BIN range for Laser. Here's the cc_validation for a few popular cards: if (ereg('^4[0-9]{12}([0-9]{3})?$', $this->cc_number)) { $this->cc_type = 'Visa'; } elseif (ereg('^5[1-5][0-9]{14}$', $this->cc_number)) { $this->cc_type = 'Master Card'; } elseif (ereg('^3[47][0-9]{13}$', $this->cc_number)) { $this->cc_type = 'American Express'; So, how do we rewrite one of the above ereg codes to support cards that begin with 6304 ?? Can someone explain in english what one of the above statments actually means?
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    Templatemonster templates

    Hi all, I have made a few different osC sites and ive never come across this speed issue when loading the site. If you compare 2 of the sites i've done, www.bwear.ie is on a windows server and uses a modified templatemonster template, but it loads really fast compared to www.acousticdimension.ie which is on a Linux server and also uses a templatemonster template. The speed issue on acousticdimension.ie seems to be slower since we moved the site over to SSL. Im thinking it could be the way the page is being cached coz even when you browse a few different pages, it seems like its loading all the images for the first time instead of using the cached files from your internet cache?? Is there a specific bit of code that tells the browser not to reload everything from scratch on every page request. Can someone please visit the above two sites and let me know how much slower acousticdimension.ie is taking to load compared to bwear.ie? Thanks a mill!
  25. sonictrip.net

    Templatemonster templates

    Right, i've narrowed it down, it seems that when i have my HTTPS_SERVER set to https:// in includes/configure.php it goes real slow but when it is set to normal http:// it flies along! Loads really fast... What could be wrong with the SSL setup on the server that would cause such a slow down loading pages, it seems like a cache issue, so could this be related to the SSL issue? Thanks for any help...