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  1. sonictrip.net

    T-shirt Customizer! ..for free?

    Yes there is! Pdesigner.net have a custom t-shirt design module for osCommece which was being sold for $199 and now its free!!! www.pdesigner.net/en/custom-t-shirt-for-oscommerce I've been trying to install this myself on an older oscommerce site and im having problems, also the author didnt release the files as a mod so you will have to use code compare software to compare his files and copy across his code to your shop if its been modified already. Not a bad t-shirt module though, its obviously not as flashy as the Spreadshirt one (i was quoted $1800 for a similar flash based t-shirt designer) and you can't do as much with this one but its perfect for 1 logo, 4 lines of text and front and back design. Does the job and its free! Can't find a demo of it anywhere but here's the dev site im working on which still has some issues to resolve like support of GIF and PNG images and making the final designed t-shirt appear back on the product page when you click "Done": www.sonictrip.net/customtshirt/product_info.php?products_id=1183
  2. sonictrip.net

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hi all, I've had this mod installed for a while and everything had been working fine until we began noticing that when trying to view or edit customers in the admin who have been addeed since the mod was installed we get errors trying to access these particular customers... customers that existed before the mod was added are still accessible with no errors. I've tracked the problem down to the cusotmers_info table on the DB under the field customers_info_stores_id All new customers that have been added since the mod was installed have customers_info_stores_id of between "1" and "10", these are the customers which show an error. Customers with customers_info_stores_id of "NULL" are working fine and show all details when viewing their customer details in the admin. I've found a fix for the error on another thread which is to do with an array problem in object_info.php on line 17 and 18 and the fix is: This fix didnt work for me to get the details displaying again probably because the fix has nothing to do with this mod or the customers_info_stores_id table. A fix in object_info.php which involves the following code change: Add: if (!is_array($object_array)) return; Directly Under: function objectInfo($object_array) { This code suppresses the following error in admin when trying to view a customer: Warning: reset() [function.reset]: Passed variable is not an array or object in /catalog/admin/includes/classes/object_info.php on line 17 Warning: Variable passed to each() is not an array or object in /catalog/admin/includes/classes/object_info.php on line 18 However, it doesnt solve the problem of letting you view the customers details. The customers details still end up being blank but it just doesnt show an error anymore now. So, how would i add customers_info_stores_id to the query in admin/customers.php in order to solve this problem of not being able to view customers details in the admin? or does anyone have any other ideas? We have our customers tables split up into separate tables for each store but left the customers_info table the same for all stores which could be a problem. I wonder would splitting this table up be the answer? Thanks for any help!
  3. sonictrip.net

    Ultimate SEO URLs on Windows/IIS

    Yes, the new SEO URLS v5 by FWR media will work the best with your setup, it now supports Windows servers too.
  4. sonictrip.net

    € in product title is breaking url

    Can nobody help me with this? Just trying to find out how to replace the € euro symbol with something else for SEO URLs, thanks.
  5. Hi, Does anyone know how to fix this. When we use a € symbol in a product title, like (Save €20), it uses the € in the url and comes up with "Product not found" when you click into the product. So, for example, here's how the url looks: product_info.php?pName=orthopaedic-seat-cushion-save-€1000 Anytime a € is used in the title, the product wont work... However, when i click into the address bar, and then hit enter again, it changes to: product_info.php?pName=orthopaedic-seat-cushion-save-%801000 and loads the product up normally! So, its changing the € to %80 when i hit enter again, but it would be nice if it just went straight to %80 instead of keeping the € in the title. So, im trying to change the html_ouput.php file to get it to change € to %80 and a few googles turned this up for doing the conversion: $str = "%20"; $str2 = urldecode($str); echo $str2; Thats for changing a space to _ but i need a € to %80 so im assuming it should be something like $str = "€"; $str2 = urldecode($str); echo $str2; Only thing is, i've tried putting this into html_output.php but can't get it to change the € to %80. Here's the HTML link wrapper function from my html_output.php file, maybe someone can tell me how to add the code to this? //// // The HTML href link wrapper function // {{ SEO function seo_urlencode($str) { switch (SEO_URL_ENCODING_METHOD) { case 'Replace with Underscore (_)': $str = urlencode($str); $str = preg_replace("/(%[\da-f]{2}|\+)/i", "_", $str); return urlencode(strlen($str) > 0 ? $str : ' '); case 'Replace Umlauts with 2 Letters Equivs, Other - with (_)': $search = array ("'?'", "'?'", "'?'", "'?'", "'?'", "'?'", "'?'"); $replace = array ("ss", "ae", "oe", "ue", "AE", "OE", "UE"); $str = preg_replace($search, $replace, $str); $str = urlencode($str); $str = preg_replace("/(%[\da-f]{2}|\+)/i", "_", $str); return urlencode(strlen($str) > 0 ? $str : ' '); case 'Standard URL Encode (%XX)': default: $str = str_replace('&', urlencode(urlencode('&')), $str); $str = str_replace('#', urlencode(urlencode('#')), $str); $str = str_replace('/', urlencode(urlencode('/')), $str); $str = str_replace('+', urlencode(urlencode('+')), $str); return urlencode(strlen($str) > 0 ? $str : ' '); } } function seo_categories_path($cPath_param) { global $languages_id; if (SEO_URL_PARTS_CATEGORIES == 'Full Categories Path') { $url = ''; $arr = explode('_', $cPath_param); for ($i=0,$n=sizeof($arr);$i<$n;$i++){ $res = tep_db_query("select categories_id, categories_name from " . TABLE_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION . " where categories_id ='" . $arr[$i] . "' and language_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "'"); $data = tep_db_fetch_array($res); if (SEO_URL_ENCODING_METHOD == 'Standard URL Encode (%XX)') { $url .= seo_urlencode($data['categories_name']) . '/'; } else { $url .= seo_urlencode($data['categories_name']) . '.' . $data['categories_id'] . '/'; } } } else { $arr = explode('_', $cPath_param); $curr_cat = $arr[count($arr) - 1]; $parent_cat = $arr[count($arr) - 2]; $res = tep_db_query("select c.categories_id, cd.categories_name from " . TABLE_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION . " cd, " . TABLE_CATEGORIES . " c where c.categories_id = cd.categories_id and c.categories_id = '" . (int)$curr_cat . "' and c.parent_id = '" . (int)$parent_cat . "' and cd.language_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "'"); $data = tep_db_fetch_array($res); $url = seo_urlencode($data['categories_name']) . '.' . $data['categories_id'] . '/'; } // end if (SEO_URL_PARTS_CATEGORIES == 'Full Categories Path') return $url; } // }} Im looking into upgrading the SEO URLS version to v5 coz i think it said they support Windows servers too but thats the reason why im still on v2.0b and its only the later versions that have character conversion built in, which only work on Linux afaik, until v5. Thanks for the help!
  6. sonictrip.net

    affiliates feed

    Im also looking for something like this, seems like not nobody has developed a proper solution for this yet, maybe they could get ideas from other scripts like Affiliate Niche Script which is great for automatically managing an Amazon or eBay affiliate store...
  7. sonictrip.net

    RSS Feed contribution support thread

    Hi, If i want to have an XML feed of products coming from one of our suppliers which will be automatically shown on our site with their prices etc. and buy now buttons linking to their shopping cart, is this the mod im looking for? Or does this mod just output an XML feed of my own stores products for others to use? We have a catalog of products already on our site but we'd like to also offer one of our suppliers product catalog on our site through an XML feed which will hopefully automatically add all of their products to our site. Thanks.
  8. sonictrip.net

    Change image on attribute change?

    Jeez, is this still not possible? This would be a really handy feature...
  9. sonictrip.net

    Pass osCommerce session IDs into Flash

    Has anyone managed to use Flash to display the product listing, product info page and checkout pages? Kinda like this site: http://www.wastenotrecycledart.com/ click the store button I'd love to use Flash to completely display the oscommerce catalog, is this possible and has anyone done it?
  10. sonictrip.net

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    Another way to fix the register globals issue is to create a blank notepad file called php.ini and upload it to the root folder (/catalog/), put this code in the file: register_globals = 1;
  11. sonictrip.net

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    nice, i was looking for that one, thanks hostxxi! Another little error popping up on mine: Notice: Constant 95 already defined in d:\domains\catalog\includes\functions\html_output.php on line 767 Line 767 of html_output.php is: define(JPEGQUALITY, 95); Weird... But like someone else pointed out, you can disable all Flash Carousel error messages by commenting out this line in includes/classes/flash_carousel_image_resize.php: // error_reporting(E_ALL);
  12. sonictrip.net

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    I found the solution to this for anyone that needs it, edit the file catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypal_ipn.php: Find this line around line 203: 'orders_status' => $order->info['order_status'], And add this on the line after: 'orders_stores_id' => STORES_ID, //rmh M-S_multi-stores That should do it! You'll now see your PayPal enabled Multi Store orders coming up with the correct store name in the order list :)
  13. sonictrip.net

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    On another note, im having a problem getting the PayPal IPN module to work properly with the 6th copy of my multi store site, the others use CC processing which works fine, just that the Orders list is saying that the order came in from the 1st store name instead of the 6th Gizmo Shop name in the order details. Anyone got any ideas? It concerns the STORES_ID number being set to STORES_ID = '1' instead of STORES_ID = '6' when PayPal completes the payment. My return page from PayPal is set to go to checkout_success.php but thats causing an error, what file should i be looking in to change the STORE_ID? Thank you!
  14. sonictrip.net

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    My clients main multi store site is a newspaper Reader Offer site called: www.markettown.ie He also has 4 other newspaper reader offer sites which sell the same products but i probably shouldn't say their names here. I recently made a version of his site too and called it www.thegizmoshop.net which is the 6th version of his site now and is aimed at a younger market rather than (much) older newspaper readers, lol, i still need to disable some of his products from my version. So check out my version for all your gadgets and gizmos and i'll get a small percentage of the sale! :) He's considering selling copies of his site to the public to run and market yourselves while he adds any new products to all the sites himself and posts the products out to customers too. So all you'd need to do is market the products yourself and get people to buy off your version of the site, PM me if anyone is interested in this! Could be a good way to make a few quid and learn more about the multi store mod and i can give whoever wants it a copy of the admin folder too. So PM me if anyone is interested in this :)
  15. sonictrip.net

    Multi-Site, Multi-Store e-commerce option

    It's one of the hardest and most time consuming mods to add to an existing few stores. I recently did it for a client who has 5 seperate osCommerce stores and it took 2 weeks just to modify his existing files and template files etc. to work with it and another 2 weeks of testing just to iron out all the bugs from his company specific requirements for the way he wanted it to work which included keeping the customers tables seperate, having reports added for each stores sales per month and a few other standard mods. What an ordeal, i completely undercharged him by atleast 50% ! But atleast next time i'll be able to do it quicker... It's definitely worth it in the end though and worth the try if you're installing on a new store or an unmodified store which would take way less time...! www.thegizmoshop.net is my version of his store if you're interested to see what's possible with the Multi Store mod :) If anyone is looking for it installed and configured etc. PM me!