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  1. Anyone know of a version of the Quantity Price Breaks that actually works? http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1242/ I've just been having a hard time with this, and e-mailing people on here, I don't know anyone who's gotten a version to work yet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! J
  2. Well, I've merged a gazillion contributions onto my personal site, but I'm having a couple problems with my site. (1) One I set the bundles in the admin section, I update it, well, if I go back into the product edit, the bundle is missing from the line. I double checked my admin/categories.php, and all the p.products_bundle's are in the SQL queries, so that's not it. (2) Where do you set the price for the bundle? (3) I tried to set a bundle on a product's page, and I come up with these values: This product contains the following items: Cost of separate parts: $0.00 You save $-199.00 The price of the product on the page is $199, and I want to bundle it with a product that's $229, and sell it for 15% off. Can someone familiar with this contribution tell me how to do so? (4) Does this mean you have to create an entirely separate category for the product bundles? Thanks a bunch Griffith, all ...
  3. Hello Jack, and thanks for the update to adhere to your Links Manager contribution. For whatever reason, however, with the latest update, although it works fine when you first go to the English Links page, when I switch to another language (within my Links Manager), I get all these warnings .... cannot modify header information, etc. .... all in the seo_class.php class, around line 1058. I've checked for whitespace, nothing. Is there a languages fix to this, or might you know the issue? Thanks Jack.
  4. Hey Jack, I downloaded your update for different languages so that the Links Manager shows SEO URL's as well, and it works for English. But if you switch to a different language, you get the "cannot modify information / headers already set" thing, even though I made sure there was no whitespace before and after the beginning. Then I went back to English, and that was messed up too. Any ideas? Thanks Jack,
  5. jpweber

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Toyice, just testing this on a vanilla install of OSC, but the categories/products disappeared. Any idea why? http://www.siteground153.com/~kosherac/ Thanks Toyice.
  6. jpweber

    fast easy checkout

    Whenever you solve your own issues, rather than saying "fixed, thanks", or "got it solved, thanks", please share your solution with the OSC community so that the next person who comes along with a similar problem might find help in your post. Thanks, Jason
  7. jpweber

    fast easy checkout

    I left out one detail: In my includes/filenames, I have this altered line: define('FILENAME_CREATE_ACCOUNT', 'create_account1.php'); And I do have fast_account.php in my includes/languages/english/ folder. Good luck.
  8. jpweber

    fast easy checkout

    I see a lot of people here getting errors in their checkout_shipping referring to fast_account.php. Well, I don't have any problems with my FEC; so no questions to pose. I just thought I'd post my checkout_shipping for you all just in case it may help. Oh, and as with all files, please make sure there's no whitespace before the initial <?php and after the ending ?>. Here's my checkout_shipping:
  9. Valerie, just download version 1.14 by Jackmsc.
  10. How could it not show up? Are you sure you're editing admin/includes/column_left.php? Are you sure you're uploading it to the proper directory on your server? Double check every step. It just doesn't make sense ... if you added the line in admin/includes/column_left.php and uploaded it to the proper directory, something has to show up there.
  11. I would just go to your admin tool .... www.yoursite.com/admin .... and click configuration ... then click links .... and turn pictures off. Then they won't show up. Good luck.
  12. Hey Jack, all .... One more issue. To get a friend's Ultimate SEO's to work with Links Manager, I had to install a new includes/classes/seo_class.php. This is so her categories don't show up like www.domain.com/-c-1.html and www.domain.com/-c-2.html, but instead www.domain.com/mink-c-1.html. The problem is that, although I have the proper code in her .htaccess: RewriteRule ^(.*)-links-(.*).html$ links.php?lPath=$2&%{QUERY_STRING} But when I install this new seo_class.php, her links manager URL's are dynamic, not regular Ultimate SEO URL's. When I revert back to the old seo_class.php, her Links Manager SEO URL's work fine, but her categories are back to www.domain.com/-c-1.html, etc. .... Have a look for yourself: http://www.arlisa-bijoux.com/links.php ... right now, her categories are fine -- Ultimate SEO static html pages. But her Links Manager URL's are not right ... and depending on which seo_class.php I use, it seems like it's either one or the other, but not both. I'm sure someone has run into this problem before, and any help would be greatly appreciated! Jason
  13. Actually Jack, I didn't notice, but it came out as being spelled java script instead of javascript and this was causing the error. There isn't a hand there, so I hope people know it's a link, but it works now! Thanks a bunch for the fix!
  14. I'm sure I only replaced code that you listed, but at first, I had only replaced it in one spot. I now replaced it in both, but still getting the same result. It's okay Jack ... I'll just revert back to the old one. Thanks again for a wonderful contribution. Jason
  15. I tried this Jack, and here's what I get: http://www.thevisiondepot.com/links_submit.php ... I viewed the source, and still can't figure it out. I think I might have missed a quotation mark somewhere. Jason
  16. Thanks Jack. One other thing, if you don't mind. On the links_submit page, neither of us (friend and I) can get the help thing to pop up the help file. It appears to be pointing to the proper popup when I hover over, but nothing pops up. I haven't altered the catalog/links_submit page. Now I've searched these forums and found that one typo, "RECIPRICAL", which fixed that one guy's problem, but I don't have this typo. So I'm not sure why our popup HELP files on the links_submit aren't working. Would you possibly have any suggestions? Thanks again Jack, Jason
  17. Hello Jack, all. I uploaded links.php and links_submit.php to all language folders, and made the appropriate translations. Any idea why it's not working? I thought it was multi-language compatible. Thanks.
  18. jpweber

    Actual Attribute Price V1.0

    Go to catalog/includes/classes/order.php. Make a copy of it for backup. Find the following code on or around line 230: 'final_price' => $products[$i]['price'] + $cart->attributes_price($products[$i]['id']), Change it to: 'final_price' => $products[$i]['final_price'] Save the file and upload to the proper directory on your server. That should do it. Good luck.
  19. I'm not trying to sound like a jerk, but really, go back over, and make sure you've installed the readme instructions correctly -- especially on the admin side of things.
  20. Hi Jack. Thanks ... I did not have that line in .htaccess, and I didn't have the updated seo_class.php, so I put your line in, uploaded the new class, and it works great: http://www.thevisiondepot.com/partners-of-...ot-links-3.html Thanks a bunch,
  21. Hey Jack (or anybody). I'm using v 1.14 by Jack. Works great. Do you know what I'm doing wrong? http://www.thevisiondepot.com/links.php?lPath=4 ... that's my link for Industry Related Organizations. I do have Chemo's Ultimate SEO's installed, so I would expect the link to be like .... http;//www.thevisiondepot.cm/industry-related-organizations.html or something. Any suggestions? Thanks,
  22. You have to define the database in your includes/database_tables.php ... it appears you didn't.
  23. Thanks Jack. Per your advice, I worked it out with categories, and I kinda like the way it looks. I didn't realize that the admin interface gave you so many options. Great contribution (as always) Jack ... I think I'm gonna have fun with this one and put it to good use.
  24. Hi Jack, all. I installed Jack's 1.14 on my site, and I really like the idea. My personal feeling is that it could be very good for SEO if used properly. I'm not interested, however, in having dozens if not hundreds of reciprocal links. I'd like perhaps 15-20 solid links with others in my industry. That said, I don't want to have categories. I'd like them to be not required, but really, I'd just like them gone, completely, not required to fill out, and not even on the submission form. You can see my page here: http://www.thevisiondepot.com/links.php ... as you can see, I don't even have any categories -- I don't know how to put one in. I've looked at the code, but I have no idea how to take categories out -- or, at the very least, not make 'em a requirement. Could anyone assist me here? Thanks a bunch,
  25. jpweber

    Quantity Price Breaks

    As noted in my signature, Price Break 1.11.2 worked great for me. This one: New bug-fix version: price-break-1.11.2 (correction) Tim Cartwright (Berbee) 10 Nov 2004 From the page: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1242/ Good luck.