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  1. Got it, thanks. Working fine now. A couple of things spring to mind for future enhancements... 1. For the static type htm pages, I still like the idea of including the immediate category as well as product title as part of the URL. e.g. We have generic products that will work with many devices. However, we list them under the category for each device. So, we have categories Dell, HP, Toshiba all containing the same product. This potentially makes a big difference in user searches. 2. How about option for somehow not loosing the old cached links in some way. a. Perhaps have a time stamp and offer delete old endtries over x days option. Or b. simply offer option whether or not to delete entry on update. Though that could leave alot of left over code. With a. You could potentially change URL type and still leave the old URLs in there. Just some ideas... Thanks again for the excellent contribution. Zuber
  2. Forgot to mention, you can take a look at www.shirtpocket.co.uk
  3. Hi Chemo, Thanks for the excellent contribution. Got a couple of gremlins I hope someone can help iron out. I tried the earlier cnames version and it worked a treat. Tried the new version and only problem is, it appears to work exactly the same. To clarify... Everything appears to be installed fine. Got the install page to run etc. Everything is great except, I was keen to try the "Rewrite" option. Problem is, when I switch it on, it does not appear to make any difference. It operates (generates links) exactly the same as the cname option. I've wiped the contents of the cache directory. And retested, and the result is the same. Works perfectly, but only as cname regardless of setting chsen from Admin. I've updated my .htaccess file (in the catalog directory), including changing '/folder/' to '/cat/' Any suggestions ? One point worth mentioning, I can't specify an apsolute path to the cache directory in the config. It fails with can't find... I enter '/public_html/cat/spcache/' which is the full path, but it fails miserably. However, if I enter '../cat/spcache' it works. (but without rewrite functionality) It is runninbg on a linux box. details below : Thanks, Zuber
  4. Zuber

    Department Specific Contact Us

    Hi, Tried that and still failed. It turned out to be the mail server for ISP I was using being too fussy. Tried a different one and it was fine... Zuber
  5. Zuber

    Department Specific Contact Us

    Hello all, Just installed this contribution including the 29th April Addon for POP3 support. According to the latest update (addition) "The original contribution requires that you use a php binary to execute the osc_mail2db.php script to parse the incoming email into the osCommerce database." I assume this would save me having to deal with setting up all the tricky stuff for the mail side and let me do easy set up etc. At the moment however, all I get when I select "Sync with mail server" option is a page saying : "Warning: imap_open(): Couldn't open stream "... /helpdesk_pop3.php on line 26 Anyone got some ideas ?
  6. Just to add to that. I removed the page ref. in the URL to give : "orders.php?status=1&oID=4503&action=edit&osCAdminID=c7ab35882686d3c9f25e5ab79b7c9744" And it works again. So it looks related to the appearance of "page=x" in the URL. Problem with getting rid of the Page=x ref. is that using the back button tehn no longer takes you back to the correct page.
  7. Hi, That depends on what "alot" means :D I do have some, but nothing that immediatly strikes me as being related. Only thing I can thnk of that appears on this page is the Edit Order module. This includes a button to take you to edit order page. Also happens to be above the Order History area. But the back button appears correctly just after it no problem. And as mentioned before, it works fine alot of the time. I think I have identified a pattern. It seams to work correctly for page 1 of orders, when I click details button. e.g. "orders.php?page=1&status=1&oID=4512&action=edit&osCAdminID=c7ab35882686d3c9f25e5ab79b7c9744" But fails on page 2 or more e.g. "orders.php?page=2&status=1&oID=4503&action=edit&osCAdminID=c7ab35882686d3c9f25e5ab79b7c9744"
  8. Just an update. Checked all the code and everything looks fine. Actually discovered that it seams to be intermittant ??? i.e I can look at an edit page on one occasion and it works perfectly, but I can look at it on another occasion and the details box is empty. Using the same procedures, just seams to go from working to not working and back for no apparent reason. Rest of admin functions fine, so no idea why...
  9. Hi, Thanks for the contribution. Got it installed and working with the fix mentioned above. There does seam to be on problem, and I'm trying to figure out if it something I have done or a problem with the contribution itself. It all works perfectly if I enter the order number into the search field in the top left corner to identify an order. However, if I select an order from the list and click button for details, or click on the icon at the left to view the details then the orders list that appears is completely empty. You get the box etc. but there is no order history in it. Any ideas ? Thanks, Zuber
  10. Zuber

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    Thanks, that is exactly right. The non Europe stuff is not a problem either, since as you say I let osc take care of whether or not VAT is chargable based on shipping address. Just to clarify, The changes you suggest to auction_upload.php::insertTransaction Will this result in price being adjusted for : Auctions created by me manually OR Auctions downloaded through subscription OR BOTH (Manual entry and download) Thanks Zuber
  11. Zuber

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    Hi Anthony, Just been trying the module 1.2.sr2.1 with my site and it looks to be working fine (got several people checkout an order succesfully). Looking to subscibe to your service etc. but there is one bit that is not working right for me and the concern is, going automated may compound the problem. Basically, I advertise my products as including VAT. But when I create the order for a successfull auction, I am having to enter the value as excluding VAT since OSC then adds VAT back onto the price I enter. I have looked through the thread, and only stuff I can see mention tax is related to shipping. This not relevant in my case as I don't use ebay for specifying that. So 2 questions really. 1. Any easy way of making it so that I can enter prices including VAT. Just to complicate things, for orders outside Europe I don't charge VAT by discounting it from the bid price. 2. At the moment, I enter the value after dividing bid price by 1.175 (vat percentage). Would this still be possible if I subscribe to your service ? Many Thanks for the excellent contribution by the way. Zuber
  12. Zuber

    Automated Auction Process

    Great, That means I can add this solution and then add the without account option later if I want to... Many Thanks, Zuber
  13. Zuber

    Automated Auction Process

    Hope I'm not asking something that has already been covered (did not read all 61 pages of previous thread), but could someone expand on why it is recommended having the "checkout with out accout" module installed. Also, not actually tried the module yet, but assuming I like/use it where are donations/contributuions to be sent. I feel happier knowing I have contributed at least something when I find something of great use. Particularly when we are not talking about large corporations. Many Thanks for your efforts, Zuber