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  1. knokenet

    special price

    Hi, went through all pages but could not find an answer. I have special products chosen for featured products, but only the normal price is shown. What have I missed? Thanks for any solution!
  2. all you have to do is select the product as a carrot in the admin's product's page, and then go into specials, and add the product, giving it a new special price value of 0 (zero). That way it cannot be added to the cart as a regular product, and it will also appear on your specials page, giving you more pages with that product. You can also make a gift box, and place it on the left/right page. Just take one of your current boxes, and change its database values to the gift ones, add it your column_right.php or column_left.php and there you go.
  3. knokenet

    [CONTRIBUTION] Krika News V1.1

    I'm too hasty today... Here's the code (on action_news.php): <?php /* La variable $nombre contiene el path y nombre del archivo txt. La variable $textonoticias es la que contiene la noticia */ if ($fp=fopen ($nombre,'w')) { fwrite($fp,stripslashes($textonoticias)); echo '<b>' . EXIT_FINISH . '<br>'; echo NAME_FILE_FINISH . $nombre . '</b>'; } else { echo ERROR_WRITE_FINISH; } fclose($fp); ?>
  4. knokenet

    [CONTRIBUTION] Krika News V1.1

    One more thing, though... When inserting an image, the URL printed into English_news.txt contains slashes and "", therefor, the image not appearing on the page. I know there's a remove slashes command, but don't know where to apply it on... :blink:
  5. knokenet

    [CONTRIBUTION] Krika News V1.1

    Thank you! I figured it out myself in the end, and just when I was about to post the solution, got your forum message... Thank you anyway! :)
  6. knokenet

    [CONTRIBUTION] Krika News V1.1

    Thanks for a great contribution! Please advise how to code the news into a (right or left) box. Thanks!
  7. knokenet

    All Customers Report

    Hi, Excellent contribution! What I'd like to know is, if there's a way of adding the customers_info_date_account_created from table costomers_info to the report's output, maybe with a date filter. Anyone?
  8. I'm installing version 2.0. In the readme, your instructions for changes in 'catalog/includes/classes/shopping_cart.php' (section 6): I think you have forgotten a line to add, after the ''weight' => $products['products_weight'],' should be 'carrot' => $products['products_carrot'], ??? apart from that, I didn't have time to go over the admin code, it still doesn't work...
  9. When clicking 'update' link goes to: admin/gift_add.php?threshold=30&x=26&y=7 When clicking 'delete' link goes to: admin/gift_add.php?threshold=30&x=30&y=6 when clicking 'edit' link goes to: admin/gift_add.php?threshold=30&x=36&y=9 What do the x's and y's reffer to?
  10. Edit: Delete: Update:
  11. Excellent update! But... still cannot edit, delete and update carrots...
  12. Thanks for the v1.8 updates. Still cannot edit, delete or update products...
  13. Thank you for the updates! Still, cannot update, delete, edit...
  14. Hey, Followed the whole thread, but still no solution for the admin side. Cannot update, edit or delete selected products. One more thing: When going over the threshold, the 'buy now' image appears. I'd also like to link the product's image to its product's info page, so people will have some idea of what gift they are getting. I'm using the latest version, 1.7. Any ideas???
  15. Hi, Need some help with this excellen contribution: followed carefully all the threads, and still can't find the code for adding shipping two correctly. Let's say I have a flat rate of $5 for all items, and only one item (a poster) with individual price of $3. When buying an item+ a poster I should get $8, but all I get is the individual price of 3$, no matter how many items I purchase. This is the code that calculates the total shipping. anyone??? // first mod ok ?$this->shiptotal += ($products_ship_price * $qty); ?$this->shiptotal += ($products_ship_price); ? ?if ($qty > 1) { ? ? if ($products_ship_price_two > 0) { ? ?$this->shiptotal += ($products_ship_price_two * ($qty-1)); ? ?} else { ? ? $this->shiptotal += ($products_ship_price * ($qty-1)); ? ?} } ?// end indvship I've added the products_ship_price_two code in all the places mantioned and in the database...