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  1. wondering if I should enable it or not. $excel_safe_output = false;
  2. seems to be DISABLED in stock form. // **** Quote -> Escape character conversion **** // If you have extensive html in your descriptions and it's getting mangled on upload, turn this off // set to 1 = replace quotes with escape characters // set to 0 = no quote replacement global $replace_quotes; $replace_quotes = false; // **** Field Separator **** // change this if you can't use the default of tabs // Tab is the default, comma and semicolon are commonly supported by various progs // Remember, if your descriptions contain this character, you will confuse EP! global $separator; $separator = "\t"; // tab is default //$separator = ","; // comma //$separator = ";"; // semi-colon //$separator = "~"; // tilde //$separator = "-"; // dash //$separator = "*"; // splat // *** Excel safe output *** // this setting will supersede the previous $separator setting and create a file // that excel will import without spanning cells from embedded commas. global $excel_safe_output; $excel_safe_output = false; // default is: falseif ($excel_safe_output == true) { $separator = ","; } // *** Preserve Tabs, Carriage returns and Line feeds *** // this setting will preserve the special chars that can cause problems in // a text based output. When used with $excel_safe_output, it will safely // preserve these elements in the export and import. global $preserve_tabs_cr_lf; $preserve_tabs_cr_lf = false; // default is: false
  3. Since I just installed my first osCommerce, I found out through the users here that I needed to install2 mod to get my attributed to work the way I needed them. I installed the v2.76d-MS2 and have been running only that with the 1.01 attributes mod. The " were showing up fine in my .txt file, until I created subcategories with items in it. "#&34" was showing up in its place after exporting. Also all the date/time was set to 00000. I will check if the "excel safe output" was enabled. Thx
  4. SHOULD I TRY THIS??? 7. The following is not required to run this contribution. This may help many with large databases. It was submitted by UGLi 6 May 2006. It is a SQL command you run in your SQL tool provided by your host, such as phpMyAdmin. Copy and paste the following line in your SQL command tool: ALTER TABLE `products` ADD INDEX `idx_products_model` ( `products_model` );
  5. Hi guys, I talked to Ipowerweb, my hosting company, about my server timeout problem. They said everything is fine at their end. I stll can't get it dn the db every time now that its big. Create Files in Temp Dir Create entire file in server memory then save to Temp Dir after completed. Create Complete .txt file in temp dir works 1 in 10 times.
  6. OK so I managed to upload my 400+ items to the db. Now I can't download the file to my PC so I can work on it. My screen gives a sever not found The page cannot be displayed white page IE error. All I can do is make a backup in tools to the server. My db 400kB. This is crazy. What happens when I need to dn a db that has 1000 items in it???
  7. and how do I split a file that still needs to get to my db? I am not a guru so please bare with me. do you mean edit the excel file and create 3 of them of 100 items each and then upload 1 file at a time?
  8. darn I hate this time limit on editing the post! ok just to let you know i uploaded the .txt file in /catalog/temp/ and loaded it the option in EP. a lot got created and updated but then I got this error. 1226 - User 'topdecal_gdl357' has exceeded the 'max_questions' resource (current value: 50000) select options_values_price, price_prefix from products_attributes where products_id = '341' and options_id ='2' and options_values_id = '57' [TEP STOP] lso please answer the above questions. Thank you!
  9. I have two questions. - How do I upload my excell .txt file of 450 item to the db without it timing out. - If I add another 50 items to the spreadsheet, do I upload the WHOLE 500 items again or di I erase the 450 items already uploaded and just upload the new .txt file with 50 items. I uploaded 300 items and its been 5 minute and nothing changed. The status bar is stuck at 1/2. Thx
  10. LOL. ok i had it set like: size: 5", 6", 7"... I will set it up like 5 inches instead. thx
  11. How do I fix this """ that is always replacing my " ?