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  1. myelectroniclife

    [Contribution] STS v4

    how do we get Error stack messages to show up with STS 4.1? Old fix doesn't work. Specifically when testing credit card modules at checkout_process.php etc. Please help!
  2. myelectroniclife

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I have upgraded and now use STS 4.1. Everything works as it should except for the Error Message stacks - specifically at credit card checkout_payment.php when using the authorize.net AIM module. This problem was fixed in earlier versions, but the fix doesn't work now in STS 4.1. Basically, Error Message stacks show up in the URL only and not within the header. Please help! Thanks!
  3. myelectroniclife

    [CONTRIBUTION] Authorize Net AIM module

    Error message: ...kicks me back to checkout_payment.php. But I know the module works because if Cash on Delivery is installed also, I can still see AIM and then select a payment method and then checkout FYI.
  4. myelectroniclife

    [CONTRIBUTION] Authorize Net AIM module

    I can't reach checkout_confirmation.php when AIM is the only payment module installed. If I have Cash on Delivery installed for example, I can checkout. AIM does show up when it's installed by itself, but I keep getting kicked back. Anyone else?