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  1. bradhelps

    Recover Cart Sales

    Hi friend, Ya, I too feel its abug. Well I can sort out it out if you atleast guide me through it since you will be the best person to know where to start from!! cheers, Brad
  2. bradhelps

    Recover Cart Sales

    Hi, It's not a matched order where customer has abandoned cart and then has come after awhile. Well to be clear on my side, I have a customer to whom I applied a recover cart sales process and was succseful in recovering sales. Now after a while this same customer comes, abandone's the cart which I am able to see in the tool (in red saying have been in contact on blah blah date) which I feel is great, its working. Now I am using the tool to send the mail to this customer, ok but what we get when we check the report. It does not examin this record. Now I think its just beacuse the report has already the same customer who's recover sales was succesful, so it does not examine the report. Its really straneg. By the way, I have false setting for skipping matche orders... Thanks
  3. bradhelps

    Recover Cart Sales

    Hi Recover cart sales team, To start with, a great conribution and have started using it myself. The report works excellent except when we have recovered sales from the same customer who came back again and did the same process of abandoning the cart till we send him the mail. Normally the report should examin this record but it does n't since it is same customer (the report will offcourse not show the recovered sale). Is it normal or am I missing something. It's really strange, the report does not check the records of past recovered customers. Cheers... Brad
  4. bradhelps

    [Contribution] CSS Buttons Everywhere

    Hi guys, I want to install this great contribution on my site for adding buttons to categories.php. I just wondering whether this mod will allow me to add buttons to categories/subacategories in the left coloumn. I am using BTS with oscommerce. Or it just works on already created buttons like buy now, my account, etc. Any help would be great.. Brad