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  1. justinswa

    WP Callback Problem - Intermittent

    OK, I may bet getting somewhere....,this is the Worlpay log for a failed callback: [2013-09-09 20:23:01.919 (TID:msg2Conn3-375162)] Starting callback handling [2013-09-09 20:23:01.930 (TID:msg2Conn3-375162)] LegacyCallbackURLProcessor: Converted from '<WPDISPLAY ITEM=MC_callback>' to 'www.mysite.com/catalog/ext/modules/payment/rbsworldpay/hosted_callback.php' [2013-09-09 20:23:01.930 (TID:msg2Conn3-375162)] --- Exception in Callback handling --- [2013-09-09 20:23:01.930 (TID:msg2Conn3-375162)] com.worldpay.aequitas.message.callback.CallbackException: Relative URLs are NOT supported as callbacks well I thought that www.mysite.com/catalog/ext/modules/payment/rbsworldpay/hosted_callback.php was an absloute URL. But is the problem that the actual callback URL in worldpay admin is <WPDISPLAY ITEM=MC_callback>, which is then converted to the absolute URL? Will it work if I enter www.mysite.com/catalog/ext/modules/payment/rbsworldpay/hosted_callback.php in worldpay as the callback URL?
  2. justinswa

    WP Callback Problem - Intermittent

    Thanks, but found that suhosin isn't on my server anway. Currently waiting to hear back from Worldpay (who aren't exactly quick...) about failed callback logs
  3. justinswa

    WP Callback Problem - Intermittent

    long time ago, but did you find a solution?
  4. justinswa

    WP Callback Problem - Intermittent

    I've been having this intermittent problem with callback too. Site was OK for at least a year then it started happening a few months ago. Has anybody tried this Suhosin fix with any success?
  5. justinswa

    Worldpay orders dissapearing

    I'm running with RBS Woldpay Hosted Ver 1.0 payment module. From time to time a customer will buy a product and successfully pay through Worldpay. The Worldpay confirmation comes through with an OSC cart ID, but when I go to OSC admin there is no sign of the order there. Looking at the database I don't find the order there in the "customers_basket" or "orders" table. What is likely to be causing the problem? Worldpay? OCS main software? Payment Module? Server? Browser? It seems strange to me that the order should have completely disappeared from the database. Surely the logical way for it to work would be that the entry in the "customers_basket" table shouldn't be removed before it has been copied to the "orders" table? (although most orders seem to stay in the "customers_basket" table even after checkout is complete anyway...) Thanks in advance for your help...:)
  6. justinswa

    OSC 2.4 release

    I have been holding back updating my OSC stores for months in the hope of going straight to ver 3, but it seems that is not going to happen. But now I hear that 2.3.1 won't work with php 5.4, which is the next upgrade my server is due, but that apparently 2.4 will. So does anybody have any idea when we might see a production release of 2.4? I don't want to switch to 2.3.1 only to find that I have to change everything again in a few months... Thanks, Justin
  7. :D :D :D :D I got it working! (on ms 2.2) This is probably very obvious for you techie guys, but for the rest of us, here's a couple of things that might make it easier to install... This text in the readme it says: You don't need to add the last line, ie: as this is doubling up a line that's already there - don't know if that makes much of a difference to how it works, but this DOES: In the readme it says but "changedataout" should read "changedatain" for this module as we are encrypting and not decrypting. Also, I found that for some reason this function doesn't work in my module unless I remove the <?php ?> tags, so the lines that I entered were: The other stuff that you guys suggested about changes for issue number digits and long card numbers worked a treat. Thanks for that and thanks Barry for the contribution - very much appreciated, Justin
  8. If anybody DOES get this working on MS2, please let us know how... Justin
  9. nope, just re-installed it, activated and deactivated it several times and the same problem. Please let me know if there is anything else worth trying before I go back and revert all the files again. One thing I did notice when changing files: for catalog/includes/classes/order.php you put: in your instructions, but the line doesn't exist. The line in my order .php file reads well i tried adding your lines anyway, and I also tried but neither seemed to make a difference Thanks, Justin
  10. I've got all the same problems that keysmediagroup had, plus nothing useful shows up in plus nothing shows up in admin when I go to modules>>payment>>credit cards to change stuff - I just get the stuff that ws there before the update plus a load of extra boxes under "Sort order of display." No options to add / remove cards etc. Followed the installation to the letter (several times). I'm using milestone 2.2 and the latest update of your contribution (05/05/03). Did you work out the problem? If so please pm me when you make a new release. Thanks, Justin