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  1. JoxWayne

    Download Area

    Hi @all, I am searching for a contrib, that allows me to show different customers different files in a kind of download-area. This files are not to buy, they are free. But I don?t want every customer to download every file. i hope, that there is a contribution, based on B2B-Suite, where I can set a download-privileg on every file or directory for my customer-groups. Is there already a contrib like this? Jox
  2. JoxWayne

    Customer Image

    Hi @all, is there already a contrib that allows the shop-owner to add an logo/image to the customer, so that the customer can see his own logo, when he is logged in? I think of it, because I am using the B2B-Suite and it works very well, but now I will give the customer a beter look-and-feel in my shop. I don?t know, if that is a big change or if that can be done in few minutes. If there are ideas please let me know. Jox
  3. JoxWayne

    [Contribution] Extra Fields

    Is here anybody who can give me an advice how to set the extra field into my catalog-overview? Jox
  4. JoxWayne

    [Contribution] Extra Fields

    Hi, I installed this contrib and it works fine. But there?s one thing I?m missing. Is it possible to display the extra fileds when listing all articles of an categorie? I guess there must be a modification of the index.php, isn?t it? can anybody help me with it? JoxWayne