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  1. Hello ALL coders I have a problem which I need to resolve (somehow) My small company has Printing Toners and Ink site. You can find me at http://www.printingstock.com :rolleyes: Problem I have is that the customers are complaining that they have hard time finding specific toner/ink cartridge. I thought that "Advanced search" and "menu's" are fine, but obviously NOT. I have to make Cascading DropDown menue as per below example (of course they are competition, right :'( ) http://www.cdw.ca/shop/tools/finder/ps/default.aspx I tried with creation of the new categories, etc, but with no luck. Problem is that this has to tie up with Database of over 500 products (with minimal work if possible), and it has to be automatic when in the future more products are added to the database. Any Ideas.... I appreciate it. Trav
  2. travolta

    [Contribution] Purchase Order V2.3

    Hello, I followed instructions and everything is working, except that once the order is made using PO only user can see PO number. I don't have it recorded on order, or in the confirmation email. Any ideas?
  3. travolta

    Reviews in Product Display v2.0

    I like product notification feature... Is there a way to disable reviews all together. Please let me know.