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  1. marrarosaa

    PostFinance E-Payment

    Hi, did someone reply you? Where can I find that module? Bye Alex
  2. marrarosaa

    RSS News

    Thanks... but the url and feeds are ok. Could be that on my provider is fopen not allowed? If yes (I'm waiting for a reply), what can I use instead? Bye Alex
  3. marrarosaa

    RSS News

    Hi, I installed the contrib and opening the page containing the box that should show the news from: http://www.24-7pressrelease.com/rss/press_...ys_newsfeed.xml I become an error like: could not open XML input What could that error is? Thanks Alex
  4. marrarosaa

    Cost pro multiple of 12

    Problem found, it only was necessary to click on update button before checkout... :-(
  5. marrarosaa

    Cost pro multiple of 12

    Thanks I've already installed that but is not exactly what I need. I need something that automatically every 12 quantities of differents items or for the same item 12 pieces add 16 CHF. Example: First condition 1 piece of 1 item --> 16 CHF 12 pieces of 1 item --> 16 CHF 13 pieces of 1 item --> 32 CHF Second condition 1 piece of 12 items --> 16 CHF 1 piece of 13 items --> 32 CHF Third condition (mixed) 3 pieces of 4 items --> 16 CHF 3 pieces of 5 items --> 32 CHF 1) Is there a way to know how many items is the customer ordering? 2) Is there a way to know of a certain item how many pieces it the customer ordering? Thanks Alex
  6. marrarosaa

    Cost pro multiple of 12

    I have to calculate the shipping costs on the following schema: up to 12 items --> 16 CHF from 13 to 24 items --> 32 CHF from 25 to 36 items --> 48 CHF from 37 to 48 items --> 64 CHF from 49 to 60 items --> 80 CHF What can I use? Thanks Alex
  7. marrarosaa

    Postfinance Payment Module

    Hi did you receive some help from Postfinance? Bye Alex
  8. marrarosaa

    RSS contribution

    Hi I have the same problem, and if I delete the piece of code the problem disappear. Did you found what could be? Bye Alex