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  1. don't know since you still haven't shown me this case. And you still aren't telling me what version you downloaded and installed.


    my guess is that you may have vars used in your infoboxes that are changing details destine for your product info page. Since you have a version installed that I didn't upload, I can't help much more since I don't know that version.


    OK, Sorry I did not tell you earlier but I've Installed version 1.3b Uploaded by Jordi. I thought it's best to install the most recent version!



  2. your problem on that page is the real image is much smaller then the width and height defined in the html tag for the image. that causes stretching and the distortion you see.


    But the image that was uploaded in the admin was the size you see in the pop-up, which shows a good quality. And if so, how can it be that when I put off the infoboxes with small images, the productinfo picture shows good? I've put off the infoboxes, so you can now see how it shows...


    Thanks anyway!



  3. that is unusual, but what I need is which version (by date uploaded) and I need to see the result html, not just a picture of it (links). there is obviously a problem in the HTML, but I have no way of determining what, whithout seeing it.


    OK! Again thanks Surfalot!


    The site was running offline (still in development) But I've put it on the webserver...


    Here is the link:



    Hope you can now see what the problem is



  4. which one do you consider the "most recent"? can you post links to an example of a working page and a not working page?


    Thanks for your reaction, Surfalot!


    Here are 2 screenshots:

    The good one

    This is the one with a perfect product picture


    The bad one

    And this is the bad one. Nothing is changed except for specials and what's new box, which are on now.


    I hope you have got answer for this....



  5. Hello Folks,


    Firstly thanks for this great contrib.

    However I found a problem I think it's a bug:


    I've installed the latest version and have my product_info main image configured as PRODUCT_IMAGE_WIDTH etc. (almost the same function as SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH*2) and this works perfectly, but when another infobox which shows a small image, for example "Whats New" or "Specials", then the product image on the product_info.php becomes pixelated. It seems like he enlarges the small_image thumbnail instead of reducing the normal one.


    I've looked through all the messages in this forum but find no solution for it.


    Have anyone a soluton for this, or has the same problem?


    Any help will be very appriciated!!


    Thanks in advance!



  6. Sorry that I left the sort option on ON....


    The sort option now works. Although that there are still problems in this module. I'm working on an update....


    Thanks for that! This is such a good contrib!!


    I don't know if it's possible but it should be very usefull if there's a possibillity to enforce a customer to make a choice from the optionslist. I know there are a few contibs (actually little tricks..) that can do the job but none of them is a friendly solution for clients... they always need the help of a OsCommerce specialist to do it.

    If this is nice en good to implement it in this contrib it defintly is the BEST CONTRIB EVER!!


    Keep on the good work!



  7. Hello, This is a realy good contrib!


    But I have 2 problems:


    1. The first maked option is not useble due to a problem with the ID, the first ID = 0 and thats not ok. In the standard osc attribute manager the first option has always ID = 1 and tha't works fine.

    Anyone knows a (good) solution for this without the use of the standard manager?


    2. Installing V2.4 Beta works OK but after installing the new 2.5 I've got this error:


    1054 - Unknown column 'products_options_sort_order' in 'order clause'


    I think it's a problem with PHP 5 (runs on my server) But when I got back to V2.4 it works OK...


    Thanks in advance!