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  1. I see the following problems: 1) I have Zdenek's problem also. 2) COPYING or DELETING a product from any page other than the first page does not work. It also does not work if one copies the product from a search. Does anyone have any idea as to how to address these problems? I have about 400 products in a category, and need to copy a lot to a different category. What to do? (It seems to be somehow flawed, when it goes into the 'confirm' cases (e.g. delete_product_confrim etc.)) Finally, I LOVE the contribution, and it seems to work elegantly for most everything, and I very much want to be able to use it. Anyone else seeing these issues? --A
  2. I have one question about this contrib (which looks great by the way); does the bridge only setup phpbb usernames for new accounts, or does it automatically take existing accounts from the store into its database? --ACB
  3. It shows no user-agent in the whois entry... that is what is puzzling me.
  4. Hello all, I have a spider cruising around my site:, and it seems to be identified as EBay. http://www.showmyip.com/?ip= OrgName: eBay, Inc OrgID: EBAY Address: 2145 Hamilton Ave City: San Jose StateProv: CA PostalCode: 95008 Country: US I have put put "ebay" into spiders.txt but it does not prevent this one from getting sessions; sometimes about 10 or 15 at a time! Any ideas what to do? Does it have another name or user-agent? Thanks for all ideas....
  5. acb

    Problem with a SQL Query

    Thank you for the help, Tom. However, now I am getting "Resource id #29" when printing the $State_Abbrev to the csv.... Any ideas? Thank you! ACB
  6. I am very close to having a MOM export capability with OSC. However, I am having trouble with a query in my exporter, and I hope someone can help! Basically, I want to get the two-letter state abbreviation from the order, rather than the full state name. So, this is my query: ($Billing_State is the Name of the state taken from the order table: e.g. "Alabama" or "New York") $State_Abbrev = tep_db_query(" SELECT zones.zone_code FROM zones WHERE zones.zone_name = ". $Billing_State); Remote SQL queries to my OSC database work fine with this syntax (with quotation marks around a State Name). However, OSC seems to choke, giving me this: "1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'York' at line 4" SELECT zones.zone_code FROM zones WHERE zones.zone_name = New York" Two questions come to mind: 1) How do I manage to put quotation marks around the "New York" in the query? My remote query has quotation marks around it, and works. 2) Could it be the "New" in New York that is causing the choke? 3) Am I missing something terrible? Any and all help appreciated! --ACB