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  1. We sell cleaning equipment and supplies, and I'm looking for a simple way that I can have a broad category be linked to two different parent categories. Say I have: Top > Hard Floor Equipment > Floor Machines Top > Carpet Equipment > Floor Machines Top > Parts and accessories > Floor Machine accessories Because the same one machine can (although isn't always) be listed in each "Hard floor equipment" and "carpet equipment" the current solution is to go to each and every item, and "copy to > link product" each item so that it's located in each category. This would be fine for new additions, but we're attempting to make the website more intuitive, which means, presently, I have about 400 items (in a single category alone) that would need this done to each and every item. I'm trying to find a way where the subcategory "Floor machine accessories" can simply be removed from the parts and accessories sub category, and be moved to be underneath both the hard floor equipment, and carpet equipment categories. This would make it appear: Top > Hard Floor Equipment > Floor Machines Top > Hard Floor Equipment > Floor Machines > Floor Machine accessories Top > Carpet Equipment > Floor Machines Top > Carpet Equipment > Floor Machines > Floor Machine accessories And would get rid of the need for the parts and accessories category entirely, seeing as the category was created to combat this very problem. If not for this having already been written, advice would be helpful as well. Presently I'm considering that I need to add an additional mysql table, and just manually enter values of: if not null, read first integer, comma separator, insert category cid=xxx as sub category. Thoughts?
  2. lol ! It is, isn't it? Shows how observant I am. Well I've got it completely installed to the fullest of my satisfaction, and there it will stay. If anyone else wants to demo it, it should be fully compatible with all browsers, mobile, and pc alike. http://www.steam-brite.com/mobile Now it IS a live site, so any orders placed will be treated as real, be warned!
  3. mobile_about.php isn't referencing the proper variable, they're going to "FILENAME_CONDITIONS" but should be going to "FILENAME_MOBILE_CONDITIONS" Also header.php is linking to FILENAME_ACCOUNT instead of FILENAME_MOBILE_ACCOUNT, or the other way around, for uniformity's sake.
  4. There's some kind of glitch that I encountered though that I can't reproduce, when running on my pocket pc smartphone, on opera mini, I clicked on "pc store" as a link, and now it's just "stuck" in pc mode, it won't allow me to automatically re-enter wap mode, so much so that I'm just going to flush my changes and restart the whole installation.
  5. The redirection might be intentional, seeing as currently, he's trying to run it in tandem with an existing shopping cart RC2. With the redirection in place for WAP broswers, or whichever. Meaning that, if you were on the mobile site on a pc, you would get taken to the pc version of the store, rather than if you were on the mobile site on a mobile phone, it would do the reverse.
  6. Aye, well that was a simple solve. Still no luck with the ajax parsing of the "show more results" yet. Also, fyi: there's a hiccup in the code in mobile_products.php for the "PC SITE" link. Just omit: "DIR_MAIN_HTTP_CATALOG . " from line 28.
  7. I've successfully gotten the code to work, now that I know it is presently running on top of the RC2, rather than milestone 2.2, that was important to know. The last things that I can't get to work, and am working on presently are: - mobile_index.php only shows the header, but nothing in the body, no category links present at all. - mobile_advanced_search_result.php link at the bottom does not function to "view more products". However if I can't get this to solve, I'll just set the sql query to be a lot higher to compensate, 100 should be sufficient, but if this also is a problem, then I'll set it up to 400.
  8. jholdersatx

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I ... stand corrected. Apparently it just took me writing it out to see my own error. I shouldn't of messed with the layout of the files under the SEO, they weren't designed for that. I'll be quiet now. <.<;; ... =D I like uploading files. Smells like victory.
  9. jholdersatx

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    We are switching our hosting over from a dedicated server, to a shared server on Godaddy, and seeing as we now have to use numerically incremented files off of the "secureserver.net" I cannot use localhost for accessing the mysql, but when I type in the name of mysql database, followed by "secureserver.net" I think the SEO is converting it, and it won't allow me to access the database.. but.. I'm not sure. if(SEO_ENABLED=='true'){ $home=mysqlfile.secureserver.net; // ****** revised these because we can.... $user=user; $pass=password; $base=databasename; }else{ $home = "mysqlfile.secureserver.net"; $user="user"; $pass="password"; $base="databasename"; } ...help? o.o?