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  1. does someone can tell me why this code make disappear my footer ?? the problem is in product_info.php //++++ QT Pro: Begin Changed code $products_id=(preg_match("/^\d{1,10}(\{\d{1,10}\}\d{1,10})*$/",$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id']) ? $HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'] : (int)$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id']); require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'pad_' . PRODINFO_ATTRIBUTE_PLUGIN . '.php'); $class = 'pad_' . PRODINFO_ATTRIBUTE_PLUGIN; $pad = new $class($products_id); echo $pad->draw(); //++++ QT Pro: End Changed Code
  2. hi this is a quite simple question but i didn't find a contribution that help me i have a clothes shop and i want to list every clothes in different sizes with the pieces number i have -- Tee number 1 ----- S 2 ----- M 3 ----- L 1 and so on for very products please help thanks
  3. no it doesn't, example : 0S 1M 1L 1XL i can buy a S !! because i have 1+1+1=3item in stock with qt pro i can buy up to 3 S tee but i got none!
  4. Hi, I think I've heard on here before that although you can add small, medium, large and extra large as attributes to clothining products, it doesn't allow you to record how many you have of EACH size. For example, I believe if I stocked a tee called "Angel" and had 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large, I could say when adding the tee in the admin that I have 3 in stock, but when someone buys a large tee for example, that size will still be available for selection afterwards, despite only having 1 large in. Is their a way so I can control how many stock of each size of a product I have, and so when a Large goes out of stock, the large doesn't appear in the sizes dropdown menu in the product_info.php?
  5. bre

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    hi i'm new here and since yesterday i'm trying to install paypal ipn 1.2 on a ms 2.2 nearly everything is ok, stock, order is recorded, cart is empty on shop return BUT no way to change status! it worked yesterday but no more !! please help me i slept at 5am because of this bug and begin to be stress here is my admin ipn paypal module configuration PayPal IPN Enable PayPal IPN Module True Move tax to total amount False E-Mail Address web@fashion.fr Transaction Currency Selected Currency Payment Zone --none-- Set Preparing Order Status En attente de paiement paypal Set PayPal Acknowledged Order Status En cours de traitement Gateway Server Testing Transaction Type Per Item Page Style Debug E-Mail Address web@fashion.Fr Sort order of display. 0 Enable Encrypted Web Payments False Your Private Key Your Public Certificate PayPals Public Certificate Your PayPal Public Certificate ID Working Directory OpenSSL Location /usr/bin/openssl my sandbox paypal preference are reseted to default so no ipn configuration please help me thanks !!