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  1. cashflow202

    Problem with RMA Return contribution

    It shows this on the bottom of the table in the admin. I would like to know how to solve this problem. It shows up on -Returns Reasons -Returns Methods -Returns Status Thanks, Paul Luu
  2. You are the Best! Love your work keep it up!!!
  3. cashflow202

    [Contribution] Checkout Confirm Text

    Sweet Thanks Warren. When business starts to roll in just count on me for a donation.
  4. cashflow202

    [Contribution] Checkout Confirm Text

    I have a problem. I just installed the contributions and on my checkout_confirmation page it shows an error. 1146 - Table 'gbadude_shop.ORDERAGREE_TEXT' doesn't exist SELECT * FROM ORDERAGREE_TEXT where orderagree_text_id = '1' and language_id = '1' [TEP STOP] HEADING_ORDER_AGREE_INFORMATION I have already installed the SQL changes.
  5. cashflow202

    [Contribution] Checkout Confirm Text

    ************************************** FIND IN ADMIN/INCLUDES/APPLICATION_TOP.PHP *OR* ADMIN/INCLUDES/FILENAMES.PHP: define('FILENAME_INFO_SHOPPING_CART', 'info_shopping_cart.php'); REPLACE WITH: define('FILENAME_ORDERS_TEXT, 'orders_text.php'); define('FILENAME_INFO_SHOPPING_CART', 'info_shopping_cart.php'); ************************************** Change to: ************************************** FIND IN ADMIN/INCLUDES/APPLICATION_TOP.PHP *OR* ADMIN/INCLUDES/FILENAMES.PHP: define('FILENAME_INFO_SHOPPING_CART', 'info_shopping_cart.php'); REPLACE WITH: define('FILENAME_ORDERS_TEXT', 'orders_text.php'); define('FILENAME_INFO_SHOPPING_CART', 'info_shopping_cart.php'); **************************************
  6. cashflow202

    Surepay Module

    There is a bug with the current module Call to undefined function: curl_init() in /home/micropix/public_html/includes/classes/sausurepay.php on line 395
  7. cashflow202

    Surepay Module

    Is there anybody out there working ona Surepay Payment Module that is compatible with the OScommerce Milestone 1
  8. cashflow202

    QuickBooks Contrib

    are there any problems with the quickbooks contribution that you currently have working?
  9. cashflow202

    Subcatagory Product Description For (MS1)

    There was a previous contribution released for the 9/01/2002 snapshot release called Description in Product Listing V.2. The example of the contribution link is here: http://store.shaolin-venoms.com/Venom-Stor....php?cPath=3_10 It shows the product description along with the manufactor name, product price, and buyitnow feature. I tried to installt he contribution on the oScommerce Milestone 1 but it does not work. I want to see whether or not there is a compatible contribution for MS1 or maybe one can be made for it.
  10. cashflow202

    Subcatagory Product Description For (MS1)

    http://www.gbadude.com/index.php?cPath=23_143 Sorry there was something wrong with that link. This one is the correct one
  11. Is a contribution for a Product Description in the works? Here is a link to my website http://www.gbadude.com/index.php?cPath=23_...b9ec96f0a02d6ea. I would like to be abled to add a brief description on each of my product listing a contribution that will be compatible with the Milestone 1 of oScommerce. Thanks, Paul Luu
  12. cashflow202


    I cannot place the coolmenu right on the left column it moves around. www.gbadude.com can anyone help me out on this.